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Bucket List of ‘Must Do’ Experiences at Painting with a Twist

Come experience something different in our studio!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably had a fantastic experience in one of our studios. But have you experienced everything we have to offer? We’ve put together a quick bucket list of ‘must do’ events at Painting with a Twist. Check it out and come experience something completely different in our studio!

Trivia Nights

This event is really popular in our studios!  If you’re looking for a unique night out with friends or coworkers, this one is a great choice! We combine four of our favorite things: friends + wine + paintings + TRIVIA! From wizards and zombies to space nights and 90’s coffeehouse trivia, you can find a theme night you and your friends will love! Dust off those leg warmers for an 80’s event or dress in your old school 90’s threads for a night of pure nostalgia. We promise you’ll have an absolute blast! Click here for upcoming trivia nights near you!

Date Night

Looking for a unique experience for that first date or a place you and your hubby can go to escape the real world for a bit? Come see us for a Date Night event.  You’ll each create a painting that, when put together, are two parts to a whole. You’ll relax, laugh, sip on your favorite beverage and get creative! Besides, Baylor University conducted a study with Painting with a Twist and concluded that all couples release oxytocin when painting together and men release 2x more oxytocin than their partners! So there you have it, it’s healthy for your relationship!

Coffee & Canvas Events

Not a night owl? Try our Coffee & Canvas daytime paint parties. Grab a cup of Joe, some friends and head on over to a studio! You’ll love this laid back twist on our experience!

Black Light Event

Glow sticks, glow paint, black lights and an awesome painting event. Who knew, right?! But yes, many of our studios across the country host Black Light events! We use special paint that shows up under the black lights. Wear white or neon color clothes for the ultimate black light painting experience!

Private Parties

Did you know you can host your very own birthday, bachelorette, holiday or team building party in our studios? You pick the date, the artwork you’d like to paint and we’ll take care of all the details so you can have a blast with your friends! Request a party here!

Ready to experience something different in our studio? Click here to book your next girls’ night!

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How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Party!

So, you’re part of the #bridetribe and are in charge of throwing the BEST bachelorette party. No pressure??Don’t worry. We have you covered. Check out some fabulous and unique bachelorette party ideas and tips below to make your bestie’s party a blast!


There are a TON of bachelorette party props out there to make your bride-to-be’s night unforgettable. Whether you go the traditional or the more risqué route, your bride will LOVE the attention. After all, it’s her last fling before the ring! So get the cute veil, the sash, the cup, etc!


Whether it’s grabbing the girls for adult camp (it’s a thing!) or throwing a wine and painting party at one of our studios, do something out of the ordinary for your bestie!


Tylenol (hello!), wine or your favorite cocktail mixers, matching t-shirts or tank tops and/or tumblers (the bride will LOVE this!) Be sure it has a clever bridal-inspired saying on it! Or you could always come MAKE a pair of bridal party wine glasses in our studio!??You can use one glass for the bachelorette party and one for the big day!


Weave in some fun games throughout the party! Ask the groom some questions ahead of time and have the bride answer. If she gets it right, she gets a gift. If she gets it wrong…well, you decide the “punishment”!  After a few cocktails, bring out the bachelorette version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Your group will be in hysterics, we promise!


You are going to have a TON of adorable and funny photos from the weekend. But before you go to town posting on social media, check with the bride! If she’s ok with photos, then make it extra fun and create a hashtag for the party!

Your bestie deserves the best bachelorette party! Follow these tips and she’ll have the time of her life.

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Special Teen Nights

We are here to help get your teens away from screens this summer. Sign up for one of our special teen night classes! Head over to our calendar right away to register.

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Manic Monday's

Manic Monday's are where it's at! Check out our calendar for these special $5 off classes offered once a month! Coming up in July we have this awesome Detroit firework painting perfect to display for your 4th of July party!


Light Up the D

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Father's Day at PWAT Wixom!

Bring Dad in for a fun and creative father's day! We are offering a couple of paintings that Dad will love. Bring snacks, bring drinks, and bond over creating some truly unique art! Head to our calendar and register now while seats are still available!


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Summer Open Studio hours are here!

Have you been wanting to paint a certain painting but haven't seen it on our calendar? Or maybe you just want to spend a quiet afternoon painting without having to clean up the mess? Our Open Studio classes are perfect for you! This summer, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 12:00pm - 2:00pm you can come and pick from any of our 1.5hr or 2hr paintings! We will get you set up and started and then you are set free to create your masterpiece independently! Take a peek at our calendar to register right away! 

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Get Ready for Summer Kids Art Camps!

Beginning in June are our kids camps! These are a perfect opportunity to get your kids out and creating! Each camp week has 3 themed days, of 4 hour time slots, where you can drop off the kiddos to paint, craft, and have a blast. Our calendar is live with the June, July, and August camp dates. Why wait? Sign up today!!  

June Kids Camp

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Mother's Day at PWAT Wixom!


Painting With a Twist is your perfect mother's day destination! Spend time with mom while also creating a beautiful piece of art! May classes are live on our calendar. Already have a busy day planned on mother's day? You can always stop in or go online and get mom a PWAT gift certificate! 

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Couples Creating Art: The Perfect Trigger for the ‘Love Hormone’


“The couple that paints together, releases oxytocin together!”

– Dr. Karen K. Melton Ph.D., assistant professor of child and family studies in Baylor’s Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences. ?

We were ecstatic a couple of years ago when Baylor approached Painting With a Twist about a research study to determine how different family interactions caused spikes (or lulls) in the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin, AKA the “love hormone” is a hormone that plays a role in social bonding between couples. Check out a summary of some pretty interesting insights from Dr. Melton below from an interview we conducted with her!

Q: How did the idea for this study come about?

A: Working specifically with family studies, we really wanted to understand how different interactions affected the natural oxytocin levels of individuals participating in family activities. We chose two activities to test with participants: board games and a painting experience with Painting with a Twist.

Q: What did your colleagues think when you came to them with this idea?

A: They loved the idea. When we presented the idea to the National Council to receive the grant for the study, they loved the idea as well and were excited to hear the findings.

Q: Did the findings surprise you?

A: We hypothesized that all activities would release oxytocin but that board games would likely release more. What surprised us the most was that not only did painting release MORE oxytocin but men in the painting group had 2-2.5 times the oxytocin levels of other groups (even other women!) What’s interesting too is that people who were in the painting group had higher levels of oxytocin at their baseline than board game participants leading us to the idea that the novelty of the concept and physical environment play a key role in the release of oxytocin as well.

Q: What was your personal experience at Painting with a Twist?

A: When we had the idea of the study, I took my team for the experience and everyone really enjoyed it. I still have my painting in my bedroom because I’m so proud of it. What I think is really great about the concept is it takes away a lot of the work when it comes to family leisure. Somebody in the relationship has to do the work of setting up the activity. With this, it’s all done for you so you can enjoy a true state of leisure. And when it comes to the actual activity of painting, you are challenged but certainly not overwhelmed.

Q: Are you looking forward to returning to Painting with a Twist?

A: Absolutely! I think it’s a great concept. I’ve seen some kid-friendly options posted so I’m looking forward to taking my daughter for mother/daughter date night.

Q: What do you hope comes about based on your study results?

A: Well, we certainly know more than we did before the study. We can make a lot of assumptions with recreational activities but it’s great to be able to measure the true experience. Ultimately, we would like to study different types of interaction to find out exactly what activities and factors release oxytocin. This information can help facilitate better experiences and family interaction so individuals and couples can connect at a deeper level.

There you have it! Painting = more oxytocin = more love in the air. So if you’re planning your next date night, find a Painting with a Twist studio near you and give it a whirl! You might walk away with not only amazing paintings but a new sense of connection with your significant other. Cheers!

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5 DIY Craft Ideas for Wine Lovers Everywhere

Do you constantly feel like you’re juggling a thousand things and one misstep would make everything come crashing down? Yep, we’ve all been there. With the 24/7 demands of today’s world, it’s important to have an outlet; a place where you can escape the daily stress, relax and express yourself.  Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it? We don’t think so! Your escape could be as simple as picking up a paintbrush or making a necklace. DIY craft activities have consistently proven to have tremendous benefits for both your mind and body!

Check out some super cool DIY craft ideas for wine lovers everywhere below!


Well obviously we’d start here, right?! But seriously, painting (especially when it’s paired with friends….and wine…) can definitely boost your mood! People who haven’t attended Painting with a Twist before are usually hesitant to come because they think “Oh, I’m not an artist” or “I don’t have artistic skills. I can barely draw stick people!” Well guess what, you don’t have to be anywhere NEAR a professional artist to have FUN in our studios. You’ll be surprised by how great your DIY painting will come out AND you’ll have so much fun in the process. You’ll laugh with (hopefully not AT) your friends and make hilariously awesome memories, we promise.


LOVE this one.  Super easy and you can use it as a centerpiece with several in a row or as a standalone on a bookcase or mantle. All you need is an empty wine bottle (bummer, right?) and waxed twine.  Start at the top and work your way down. Tie a knot at the end to keep it from unraveling. Add some extra flare with silk or burlap flowers. Pro tip: DON’T cut the string as you work. You WILL be short at the end, despite how accurate you think you measured.??Check out this example on Pinterest!


Who doesn’t love a personalized wine glass?! We love seeing all the funny sayings and quotes on the glasses brought into our studio. Did you know we offer DIY wine glass painting events, too?! Check your local studio’s calendar or request a private party!


Get some use out of all those corks you popped at our studio and at home! Pick up a 16” or so cardboard or wooden letter cutout shape from your local craft store and super glue the corks onto it! You’ll have an adorable masterpiece and you’ll have a blast making it. Invite your girlfriends over for a DIY craft night! You’ll all walk away with something special and personalized!


Ok we had no idea how many uses there were of CORKS! Seriously, look it up on Pinterest. We love this one because it’s fun to do AND functional. It’s a simple project and will give your house and your dinner parties an extra flare (while also protecting your furniture!) All you do is glue each cork together with a hot glue gun in a circular pattern. Then, glue a ribbon of your choice around the bundle.  Voila!

We hope you enjoyed these wine-inspired DIY craft ideas! Now, grab your apron and get to crafting!

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5 Ways to Cure the Winter Blues

Staying active, eating chocolate and getting a little art therapy goes a long way!

Let’s face it, the arctic weather this year has taken a toll on all of us. (Is it flip flop season yet?!) I’ll speak on behalf of all women out there that we could all use a little renewal this spring to cure the winter blues. We got you, girl. Check out some ways we’ve found to Spring into Joy below!

1. Get Outside!

When the weather starts to warm up and the ice starts melting, go outside and soak it in! Or at least open the windows! Take a walk, bring the kids to the park, go have a picnic.  The much-needed dose of Vitamin D can certainly boost your mood!

2. Healthy Diet & Exercise

Grab your ear buds and get moving! Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed. Exercise combined with a healthy diet has the greatest impact. P.S. did you know dark chocolate is full of anti-oxidants AND can help enhance your mood!? We didn’t make this up.

3. Get Together with Friends

Keep your social life active. Enjoy a night out with girls for food and drinks or some art therapy!  Did you know that painting can relieve stress, encourage more creative thinking, build self-esteem and create an overall healthier state of mind. Pairing WINE with PAINT — we may be biased but it’s the perfect combination to de-stress and feel rejuvenated!

4. Cross Something Off Your To-Do List

The never-ending To-Do list… don’t let it be never-ending. Cross something off! It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment and boost your mood. It can be something little like organize a junk drawer (we all have them!) or something bigger like “Marie Kondo-ing” your closet.  Just get something done so you can put a big check mark next to it. It’ll bring you joy!??

5. Plan Something to Look Forward To

Whether it’s planning your next date night or girls’ night or a big vacation, start a Pinterest board with some ideas.  The planning process, itself, will boost your mood!

There you have it. Whether you take a walk in the park, re-organize your closet or de-stress with some wine & art therapy, we hope you benefit from these tools to help cure those winter blues and Spring into Joy!

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Made In Michigan!

Although our home office is based in Louisianna, our library is filled with amazing art, made by local artists, and inspired by our home state! Many of our most popular classes features our unique state and/or popular landmarks around us. Want to show love for where you come from? Check out our calendar for the next Michigan themed painting!


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Kids Camp Coming This Spring Break!

Michigan springs aren't always as warm as we'd like them to be during spring break. Looking for a way to get the kids out and having fun despite the weather? Our kids camp is the perfect answer! Register for the full week or just individual days. Once we have your registration and permission slip, you can drop the kids off with us for four hours of fun painting and cool crafts all in the theme of Exploring Color! 

Friday, April 5, Neon Owl

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Couples Sets

Couples paintings have been a huge hit here at our studio lately! These paintings are divided between two people and two canvases so that the finished product is a large landscape painting. Sets like this are perfect for couples, family, or roomates who don't want two of the same painting in their home. Love one of our landscape paintings but don't see it on our calendar as a couples set? We can help you split any of our landscapes into a set!


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Prepay for 6 guests, pick your painting!

Have you seen a painting on our calendar in the past that you have been hoping would resurface? Wait no more! We are now offering a chance for you to choose the painting for Mon-Thurs nights classes! All you need to do is call our studio to check availability, prepay for you and five other guests, and we will put on the painting of your choice for the night! This is a great alternative if you do not have enough guests to meet our private party minimum. Why wait? Call us at (248)773-7086 to book - first come, first serve.  


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Hot Right Now- Acrylic Paint Pours

Here at Painting With A Twist we are all about making art easy and accessible for everyone. The latest trend in stress-free art is acrylic paint pours. A paint pour consists of mixing acrylic paint with a pouring medium that keeps the color opaque while also making it more fluid. The paint is then poured over a canvas to create a unique marbling effect. There are so many ways to change the patterns and textures, no two pours are ever the same! There are countless YouTube videos showing all of the ways you can apply this awesome technique. One thing to make sure of, you can't be afraid of getting a little messy!

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Private Paint Parties!

Why not add a special "twist" to your gathering by holding a private paint party here at our studio? We are the perfect spot for everything from team building, birthday parties, family gatherings, bachlorette parties, bridal showers, to a fun night out with friends. Not only do you get to have your own private room and to pick your own painting, but our private parties don't cost anything additional to throw. Bring your snacks, your drinks, and your artistic inspiration and leave the clean up to us! Don't wait, pop on over to our party request page and book your event now! 

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Inclement weather policy

Class will cancel if a weather emergency is declared or we determine the roads to be too unsafe to travel on, otherwise our cancellation policy is as stated in the reservation confirmation and/or party agreements. In the rare case of a class cancellation due to poor weather conditions, studio credit will be issued to all registered guests. Emails will be sent to all registered guests if classes are canceled due to weather conditions at least two hours prior to class.


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Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

We are neck deep into the winter season here in Michigan and always looking for new ways to warm up! Nothing hits the spot like double the heat and a little bit of sweet in this spicy Aztec hot chocolate recipe we found from the Endless Meal. They've added a fresh chille pepper to bump up the spice factor and it has us sweating in the middle of January! A thermos full of this drink is the perfect companion while painting one of our many winter themed paintings!

  • 1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate
  • 2 cups of milk 
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • dash of salt
  • 1 chili pepper, split in half and seeds removed
  • 1-4 tablespoons coconut sugar, (you can sub brown sugar or honey)
  • Optional: 2 shots of brandy or Grand Marnier

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New Surfaces at Painting With A Twist

The time is now to think outside the canvas! There are so many ways to express yourself here at our studio including new screen art, 8 x 24 wood pallets and shiplap pallets! Our calendar is full of a variety of options to help get those creative juices flowing. These pieces are perfect for hanging on the front door or putting up in the window to add that extra unique touch to your home!My Friend Fox - Screen Art

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