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Event Highlight

Virtual Corporate Party (We Ship Paint Party Kits Nationally!)

With such a distributed workforce these days, it's tough to find team-building events that cater to virtual attendance.  Following the pandemic, we pivoted to include remote classes and parties as part of our offering, which means that it's very easy to get your team together for a paint party happy hour or team building event.

After you fill out a private party request, we'll contact you about details and walk you through our process for getting paint kits into the hands of your team members - we'll even mail them directly to participants! All you'll need to do is tell us the date and work with us on the painting you want for the class, and we'll handle the rest. 

Times are stressful these days - let us help you knock one more item off your busy schedule, and help your coworkers blow off some steam. :)

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