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New Fall & Halloween Art!

                                                                                                                   Long Rustic Pumpkins

If you pride yourself on having unique Halloween decorations, there's nothing more unique than painting your own work of art! Our October Calendar is now available with new autumn and Halloween art, plus our most popular fall paintings from previous years. We've got pretty autumn landscapes, pumpkins, spooky trees, and more. 

Don't be spooked by the art; no painting experience is needed to create these designs. Get in the Halloween spirit by browsing our Calendar. Pick the perfect painting and RSVP for some ghoulish fun. You can even sip our Beer and Wine to ward off the evil spirits! 

Join us this fall and take your Halloween decorations to the next level. Boo! 

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Creative Moms' Night Out Idea

                                                                                                        Sip, Sip, Hooray

School and fall sports can mean a busy family schedule, so we're here to remind you to make time for yourself, too! Book some kid-free time to paint, drink, and relax.

Do you know other adults who could use a break? Invite them to join you! Make scheduling a breeze by sending them a link to our Calendar page and ask which date works for them. We have art to suit any occasion; from girls' night out to date nights.

Our studio offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere, so all that built-up stress will fall away the moment you step inside. Browse our Calendar for lots of unique art options. Give yourself a "Mommy's Time Out" at Painting with a Twist. We can't wait to see you! 

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It's a Whole New World at Painting with a Twist-Daytona Beach


Remain calm... your favorite Disney movie has landed in studio! 

We've partnered with Walt Disney Pictures to bring you Aladdin painting events! We know your inner child is probably screaming with excitement (as you should be!)

Soar into our studio for trivia, all things Aladdin, and a chance to paint an iconic scene from the movie. Get ready for a night of pure nostalgia! Check out our Calendar of events for all the upcoming Aladdin classes. 

Category: Art Spotlights

Limited Edition Things to Do Before the Summer Ends


For families, the end of summer often means the start of school. No matter how young or old your kids are, painting together is a fun activity to do at the end of summer. Your child will get to create their own art to decorate their room. Or you can trade paintings, so your kid can tell their friends— proudly or sarcastically— “Yeah, my mom painted that,” and vice-versa. 

In some cases, you may have to say goodbye as your adult children head off to college. These last moments together should be cherished. Consider a parent-child paint night, which is much more than just one fun night together. Aside from unleashing your creative sides, you will be left with a work of art that serves as a reminder of the fun times you had together. If your child is old enough to drink alcohol, you’ll also score major cool points for bringing them to one of our adult paint and sip classes! And for a Limited Time this back to school season, we have Aladdin paintings! Relive all the fun and nostalgia of this classic Disney movie with us! 

Click our Calendar to see what paintings are coming up soon. (Aladdin is only here between August 16th and September 16th). RSVP and our team will make you feel like family.


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Back-to-School Team Building Activities for Teachers

                                                                                                  Teacher Team Building

You don't have to be an art teacher to see why our painting classes are a popular team building activity for school faculty. Like a good field trip, you'll get to bring your own drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks, and we'll provide all the supplies, instructions, beer, and wine. Strangers will become friends as everyone supports each other to complete their own works of art. 

After class, your paintings can be used to decorate your classroom or office, where students may be inspired to learn that all of their teachers can also paint art, even those who didn't think they could. May their stories remind students that anyone can achieve anything they put their minds to! 

We can accommodate groups from 8-50 during or after school hours. Larger groups can be accommodated over multiple classes in our studios. Visit our Party Info page for details, or reserve several seats in a public class on our Calendar page.


Category: Event Highlight

Best Indoor Summer Activity Idea

                                                                                            Summer Fun

If you're looking for fun things to do in Daytona Beach, look no further. Everyone loves summer, but let's be honest— it's not always awesome outside. Sometimes you get sunburned or covered in mosquito bites. Other times, the clouds block the sun and it rains on your pool day. When these things happen, bring the fun indoors to our studio! 

Here, you'll enjoy our fresh air conditioning without any bugs. Our sunny team will make you forget whatever the weather is doing outside. We'll laugh and have fun as you paint a new masterpiece. Whatever your skill level, our team will make you feel like an artist. We have beer and wine, just like a boat on the lake — except our water is in paintbrush cups and the scenery is something you'll paint on a canvas. 

Wouldn't it be nice to go to a summer party where no one has to think about what they look like in swimsuit? Click to our Calendar and RSVP for the most fun you can have this summer with ALL of your clothes on!

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Summer Family Activity Ideas

                                                                              Summer Family Activities

Finding an activity that will keep all the generations of your family entertained is no easy feat, but that's exactly what our painting classes do! We've had the honor of bringing together up to 5 generations at once for a fun family activity like no other. Everyone— kids, adults, and grandparents— loves the creative freedom of having a paintbrush in their hand. No art experience is necessary to have fun and create lasting family memories through art. 

You can bring any snacks and non-alcoholic drinks you like. We provide beer and wine for sale, aprons, painting supplies, and instructions. We'll even take care of the cleanup, so you can just relax and have fun together! 

Look on our Calendar for our "Family Day" or "Family Night" classes for ages 8 and up, or if everyone in your family is over 18 then you can book any class. If your family is large, then you can optionally book a private party room and pick a painting for everyone in your family. We even have several monogrammed and "family tree" paintings to commemorate your special gathering. Visit our Party Info page for details.



Category: Event Highlight

Kids Summer Activity Idea

                                                                             Family Nights


If your kid's favorite subject is ART, then they will love our Famliy Night classes in June! Family Night and our weekday afternoon classes will give your child the opportunity to unleash their creativity, make memories with new friends, and have fun. You can join one or join them all!

Our classes are stimulating and educational but never lacking in fun. Your kids won't believe what they can create, and you might end up wondering if you have a little artist on your hands! 

These paintings are easy enough for kids aged 7 and up. Investigate all the options and details on our June Calendar.

Category: Event Highlight

Things to Do on Mother's Day

                                                                                           Mother's Day                                                                                     

If you're looking for a perfect thing to do on Mother's Day, look no further! Our painting classes are a fun activity for the whole family, from ages 7 and up. Your mother will love it, and so will you! There's no counting the number of brownie points you will get for planning such a thoughtful and fun experience. The paintings you create together will serve as a constant reminder of the fun you had celebrating this special Mother's Day together.

There are not many activities that can truly entertain all ages and physical abilities, but we excel in bringing whole families together to have fun (ages 7 and up). It never ceases to amaze us how different everyone's paintings turn out. 

No art experience is needed, so don't let that stop you. You can also bring any snacks (we'll provide the Mom-mosas), so your mom can enjoy all her favorites. Visit our Calendar page and reserve your seats today before we sell out! 

Category: Event Highlight

Creative Mother’s Day Gift Idea

                                                                                           Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Give your mother a unique gift — a painting created by you! We promise it will look better than the finger painting you gave her in Kindergarten, even if you haven't acquired any new art skills since then. Most of our customers have never painted before, so our artists can help you paint, too. As always, you're welcome to drink in our studio— we won’t tell your mom! In fact, your reservation comes with one free drink!

In the current world of technology, creating something with your own hands will be a gift your mother will never forget. Let's make this a special Mother's Day for your mom. Find a painting your mom would like on our Calendar page, and get ready to see your mom smile on Mother’s Day!

Category: Event Highlight

Unique Bachelorette Party Idea!

                                                                          Bachelorette Party

A lot of people already know Beach Street is an awesome place to go bar-hopping for a bachelorette party, but that fun usually starts later in the night. With our team at Painting with a Twist, you can begin the festivities even earlier and have a unique experience, full of fun. Go out to dinner and then bring your cupcakes over to us for a private paint and sip party! 

We provide all the art supplies and instructions, so no painting experience is needed. Everyone gets to take home their painting, too, which makes for an awesome party gift for everyone to remember your bachelorette party. Help us leave our mark on what will surely be a spectacular evening. You'll be giggling from the very beginning!

Even better, as the host you get to pick the painting from our library of over 14,000 exclusive artworks, so you're sure to leave with a painting you love. We can book private parties months in advance, so check out the details on our Party Info page.


Category: Event Highlight

Add a Pop of Color!

                                                                                                             Rustic Spring

The flowering trees are budding in Daytona Beach, and our Calendar is alive with signs of spring! Brighten up your home with paintings of flowers, flowering trees, or baby animals. 

Real flowers don't last forever, but a painting of flowers can last a lifetime! Our blooms never need to be watered. Discover your inner florist and let our brushes do the rest. 

Our incredible artists will make sure that no matter your skill level, you'll be left with a piece of art that'll add a fresh look to your home. With so many painting options available on our Calendar, something is sure to sprout your imagination. 


Category: Art Spotlights

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

                                                                                             Family Time

Whether you're staying in town or have guests coming to visit you over Spring Break, we have classes that will entertain everyone. March 16th is quickly coming up, so we have a full lineup of classes designed for the whole family— young kids, college kids, and any adult who just wants to have a fun staycation. 

Our Family Friendly classes are in the mornings and afternoons, so you can create an easy painting in an alcohol-free environment with your kids as young as seven. These are easy paintings, and some are discounted to $25 per person so the whole family can paint together. Our Sunday through Thursday evening classes are also good for family members 11 and up. Or, if your college kids are home for the week, bring them to our 18 and older evening classes. And if they're over 21, you can both enjoy our bar!

Whatever your situation, we'll help you create lasting family memories with art you'll cherish forever. Browse through our paintings on our Calendar and book your next great family event. 


Category: All Smiles

Best Team Building Activity in Daytona Beach!

                                                                                Team Building

Want to get paid to have fun painting? Ask your boss if you can book a team building event in our studio! Painting builds self-confidence, relieves stress, boosts creativity, and bonds co-workers together. Plus, it's a team building activity suitable for all ages and physical abilities. We can work with you to incorporate certain team building activities that foster the qualities you want to build.

No art experience is needed for everyone to complete their own work of art. We provide all supplies and instructions to get your team’s creative juices flowing. People will leave with a newfound confidence that they can conquer a task they thought was outside of their skill set. 

We can host your event at anytime— morning, afternoon, or evening on a weekday or weekend. You can bring your own catering and non-alcoholic drinks (we have the alcohol if you'd like to have it at your party). To see how much fun Painting with a Twist would be for your company, visit our Party Info page and share it with your corporate event planner.


Category: Creative Techniques

Unique Date Night Idea

Date Night           

Whether you’re newly there or a seasoned pair,the date night dance doesn’t have to be the same old tried and true waltz of dinner and a movie. If you’ve been wanting to cut-a-rug with that someone special, electric slide on over to our side of town. Get a lititle footloose with us and we’ll show you how to color outside of the lines. All it takes to add a little flashdance of color in your life is a paint brush and some wine! Swing your partner in to our paint and sip studio and we’ll show you how to bust out some new moves that’ll give ‘em a Saturday night fever any night of the week. Who knows, they might just save the last dance for you and end the night with a little dirty dancing after class.

Buy a bottle of your favorite wine from our bar and maybe bring some cheese, strawberries, and chocolate; then join a couples painting class. Each person gets to paint one half of the painting, so when you hang your two canvases together it forms one big work of art. Valentine's Day falls on a Thursday this year, so we're celebrating all weekend long with several couples painting classes. 

We have several romantic paintings in February, including Lover's Tree Set and Love Surf at Sunset. If you want to try this unique date idea, then take a look at our Calendar and save your seats today because we are expecting sold out classes! 


Category: Event Highlight

Best New Year’s Resolution Idea

                                                                                                                     A Bright New Day


Life is about trying new things. Make 2019 a year to challenge yourself— get outside your comfort zone, meet new people, and discover the joy and relaxation of painting! We encourage everyone to sip your favorite alcoholic beverage to increase the relaxation and fun. Build confidence and commitment by inviting a friend to join you, too. 

If you’ve never painted before, we make it really easy to create your own work of art by providing all of the supplies and instructions you'll need to walk away feeling so glad you finally tried Painting with a Twist! If you've been meaning to try it, make that resolution a reality right now. We have over 14,000 works of art. so browse our Calendar, reserve your favorite painting, and come ready to have fun! 2019 is your year. 

Category: Spreading Good

A New Family Holiday Tradition Idea

                                                                            Holly Jolly

When your family is in town for the holidays and you need something fun to do, or the kids are off school and are already bored playing with their gifts, our holiday break painting classes are the perfect solution!

Painting is the perfect opportunity for the whole family—from grade school kids, to teens, college kids, parents, and grandparents— to have fun doing the same activity together. Simply click our Calendar and look for the afternoon clases or classes labeled "Family Day". 

The best part is everyone gets to take their painting home, where it can hang on your walls all year to remind you of this special time when your whole family had fun doing something together. What a wonderful holiday tradition to start with your family!

Category: All Smiles

Unique Gift Ideas

                                                                              Uncork Your Creative Side

If you're looking for a unique, creative, personalized gift idea, look no further than your own Painting with a Twist painting! Whether you are trying to find a gift for someone who has everything, or you want to give something personalized, we'll help you create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 

Pick a painting from our Calendar, and we'll help you customize your art . You could use your gift recipient's favorite colors or paint their name or initials into the scene. Plus, if you have someone on your list who got married, engaged, or had a baby this year: we can help you incorporate their special date and/or monogram into your painting. Either way, we'll help you create a beautiful gift that your recipient will cherish forever!

Category: Decor and Design

Holiday Party Idea for Friends & Family

                                                                 Book Your Holiday Party

Have you heard the top 6 reasons why Painting with a Twist in Daytona Beach is the best holiday party idea for your friends and family?

1. You get to bring your own food, so your painting party could double as a cookie exchange or holiday potluck. You can also host a wine tasting from our assortment of wines from our bar. Asking guests to bring food saves you money. 

2. We clean up the mess, so you don’t have to!

3. We'll manage all of your guests' reservations online, so there's no stress about keeping track of RSVPs or money.

4. Painting is fun for ages 7 to 107. Tell your guests the party theme is ugly holiday sweaters, “naughty or nice”, or holiday pajamas; then watch the memories unfold!

5. Don’t worry about meeting private party minimums or paying deposits. Simply invite your party to a public class. Then you’ll have even more fun people at your party!

6. If you host a private party, you'll get to pick your party’s painting. If you leave your party open to the public, you may still be able to pick the painting, depending on what we have already booked on your party date.

We look forward to helping you host the most memorable holiday party of the season!

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Holiday Paintings Are Here!

                                                                                                        Holiday Paintings Are Here!


If you love unique holidays decorations, then you should sign up to paint with us! Decking your halls with your own art is a sure way to impress your holiday guests. Or turn your painting into a unique gift— masterpiece or white elephant— it's up to you! 

We make painting fun and easy, even if you have never painted before. Our studio has beer and wine available for sale, so don't hesitate to add extra holiday cheer by bringing holiday cookies to enjoy while you paint. Invite your friends or family and make it a holiday event! Our Calendar page is brimming with holiday favorites old and new, so check it out and don't hesitate to RSVP because our classes fill up quickly in November and December.

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