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Book a Painting Party

Complete the form below and we will respond ASAP.

Party Room:  The minimum number of painters required for a private party is 10.  The party room seats 20 painters.

Main Room:  The minimum number of painters required for a private party is 20.  The main room seats 50 painters.

Virtual Event: The minimm requirement for a Twist at Home virtual event is 15 painters.  Each participant must have a Twist at Home painting kit. The pick up and distribution of the Twist at Home kit will be coordinated when you book your event. 

Enter Painting Time, Surfaces and Cost Per Painter/Kit under Special Requests

• 1.5-Hour 16x20 Canvas = $30 (Ages 12 & Under Only)

• 2-Hour 16x20 Canvas = $37

• 2-Hour 10x30 Canvas = $40

• 2-Hour 12x12 Canvas = $37

• 2-Hour 18” MDF Shiplap Pallet = $39

• 2-Hour 17.5x17 Real Wood Plank Board = $45

• 2-Hour 10.5x26 Real Wood Plank Board = $45

• 2-Hour “Ship to Home” Kit 16”x20” Canvas = $49

Don't have enough for a private party?  Then celebrate in one of our scheduled public classes.  Tell your friends to add a group name (e.g. Jennifer's party, etc.) under the Reservation Details section when making their reservation online, and we'll seat you together.

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