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Art Spotlights

Congrats to Our Artist, Danielle White on Her New Art added to the PWAT Gallery "2 Gnome U Is 2 Love U"

2 Gnome U Is 2 Love U


You DON'T want to miss this new painting set! Created by our very own artist, Danielle White, 2 Gnome U Is 2 Love U is already on PWAT calendars across the country! You can find it on our March calendar here. We are so excited to paint these adorable gnomes with the artist herself! Be sure to sign up ahead of time! This class is bound to sell out fast, and we are so excited for these springtime gnomes. See you there! 


Our PWAT artists are all encouraged to create new artwork and submit it to the PWAT corporate gallery. If it is approved, any PWAT across the country can add the new artwork to their calendar, and so far, we have seen Danielle's gnomes on quite a few. We love that PWAT rewards its artists with incentive programs to encourage all of us to keep creating! Creativity is the life-force behind PWAT, and it's really exciting as artists to create fresh new art and get rewarded for it!

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