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Decor and Design

Pop In Projects

So Many Options!

With Pop In & Paint, YOU are in the driver's seat! You get to choose your painting, the surface to paint on and the day & time of your visit (check out our Pop In & Paint hours below!) So whether you want to paint a beautiful seascape or mountainscape or paint on canvas or wood or any other surface, the decision is yours! Whatever you pick, we promise you'll have a great time in our studio doing your own thing at your own pace.

You can also add a DIY Scented Candle. So many fragrances to choose from. Make your candle before starting you painting and it is set and ready to go by the time you leave.

You can also Pop In just to make a candle.  Make your candle, run some errands and stop back to pick it up.

Wood Decore & Figurines

We have dozens of wood products like birdhouses, jewelry boxes, serving trays, cutting boards & more!  Our brand new wood projects make a perfect gift for someone or yourself!

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