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When are we open?

It can be confusing, so here's the scoop.

When we say "Office Hours", it means the times when you can always reach us by phone at 610-351-3266. We are always available during normal business hours Tuesday through Friday. We do our best to return most phone calls the same day.

Our "Office Hours" are different from our "In-Studio" Hours.

  • We are always in-studio during class hours (unless the class has been canceled). You can check the Event Calendar to see when we have classes, and that's probably a good time to drop in if you have any questions.
  • We are always in-studio on Fridays from 1pm to 4pm for Pop In & Paint. No reservations needed. This is also the ideal time to set up pick up for any Take Home Kits you purchase. Arrangements can be made to pick up your kit another day too!

If you have any questions, the best time to drop in is on Fridays from 1pm to 4pm.

Hopefully this helps you to know the when we are actually in the studio!


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