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What to Expect in Studio

Hey Fabulous Twisters!

It's so nice to be back in the studio and seeing so many of you as we navigate our new normal.  To keep everyone safe and healthy, we have implemented a number of things that will help.

  1. All surfaces will be wiped down after each event, including door handles, faucet handles, tables, common areas, etc.
  2. Attendees will be spaced accordingly.  If you registered for yourself and coming alone, you will have a table for yourself.  If you registered as a group or requested to sit with another guest, you will be seated with them.  Think of how the restaurants do it.
  3. Masks are requested upon arrival, but may be removed once seated.
  4. Employees will be wearing face masks when interacting with guests, but may remove the mask if on the stage.
  5. Artists will keep with them their own paint brushes so they do not need to handle yours.
  6. Canvases will be in their original wrapping to ensure that your canvas is not contaminated.
  7. Disposable aprons for all attendees.
  8. Seating will be limited for the comfort and safety of all guest and team members.
  9. We will be offering smiles, laughter, and lots of good fun at no extra charge!

We look forward to seeing (or sensing) all of your smiling faces!  Check out our calendar for all of our events!

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