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Get Ready to Twist at Home!

We're so excited to extend this offering to our Twist family. The next best thing to twisting in a studio is twisting at home! See below for Pickup Details.

What's Included in a Twist at Home Kit?

Inside your Twist at Home kit, you'll have everything you need to create your very own masterpiece including:

Choice of Surface - please note surface of art you are choosing and pick the surface size that is compatible:

  • 16x20 Canvas and 17.5x17 Square Wood Boards (art shown on either can be painted on either surface size)
  • 10x30 Long Canvas and 10x26 Long Wood Boards are compatible (art shown on either can be painted on either surface size)
  • Shiplap
  • Porch Leaner, 10.5x47, has limited selections for art at this time

Paint, Paint Brushes (only in Full Kits), Paper Plate, Paper Towel, Table covering, Step-by-step instructions and/or Video complement (when applicable)

What additional supplies will I need?

  • In addition to the supplies you find in your kit, you'll also want to have:
  • Apron (or old clothes!)
  • Favorite beverage
  • Music 

How can I receive my Twist at Home Kit?

We're currently offering our Twist at Home kits for pickup at our studio 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Other days and times can be arranged in advance for special pick up times. Our studio will coordinate with you regarding what pick up time works best for you.

16x20 Canvas


16x20 Canvas Kit (No Brushes)


16x20 Deluxe Kit


10x30 Canvas Kit


10x30 Canvas Kit (No Brushes)


10x30 Deluxe Kit


Wooden Shiplap Kit


Wooden Shiplap Kit (No Brushes)


10.5x26 Wood Board Kit


10.5"x47" Natural Wood Porch Leaner


10.5x26 Wood Board Kit (No Brushes)


17.5x17 Wood Board Painting Kit


17.5x17 Wood Board Kit (No Brushes)


Mini Party Pack - Buy 7, Get one Free


Large Party Pack - Buy 15 get 3 Free ($630 value)


Mega Party Pack -Buy 24, Get 4 Free ($980 Value)


NEW Tabletop Easel


Black Apron


Tispy Tree


Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us.

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