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Spreading Good

Reducing Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Depression

One of the reasons I love Painting with a Twist so much is that it's a great stress reliever. PWAT helped me and Brian through a very depressing point in our lives (after the loss of our son) and inspired me to open a studio in Mesquite. I wanted to bring that same joy and happiness to my own community!

While painting does great things for our overall well-being, not all of us are lucky enough to paint every single day, so I'm always on the look out for new ways reduce stress and anxiety in my life. I came across a great blog post from about keeping a Jasmine plant in your bedroom to reduce anxiety and depression. Not only is it a mood-booster but it's also a natural sleep-aid! I included a link to the full blog post below so you can check out all the information, too.

Until the next time I can sip wine and paint in the studio I'll be in the plant and garden section picking out jasmine plants for my home. I might even see you there!

- Lisa R.



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