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Holiday Season is creeping upon us....

First things first, let's make sure our Trick or Treaters are safe out there. We will need them to take care of us when we get older. ;-) Can't believe we are midway through OCTOBER!!! Anyway, this season is very special to us because family comes in from out of town to enjoy our beautiful weather. Let's not forget the added bonus of being able to eat everything in sight without any guilt. The season is also about getting together. With family, friends, coworkers, you name it. In the end, THAT is what it's all about. We are family owned and operated and our Family (our staff is Family) loves the energy you bring to our home away from home. We want to be apart of your End of Year potlucks, Team Building and even Secret Santa sessions. Book your event with us and rent the studio for an extra hour to socialize and exchange gifts. BTW, we love Ugly Sweater parties. Here's to a safe and joyous holiday season. :-)

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