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Event Highlight

Book Your Next Corporate Party with Painting with a Twist in West Omaha!

Once you submit a private party request using the form on our website, we will contact you to work out the details for your event. Painting with a Twist offers your coworkers an unmatched experience, paired with great customer service and flexibility for you as the planner. Once we have started the party planning process with you, we'll work with you to select a painting for your event that your coworkers will love. We have strong experience in account management, and emails and missed phone calls are always returned. In addition to our vast library of more than 14K paintings, we can also create commissioned work in the form of mosaic murals. Want to have a large scale, group-contributed mural of your company logo hanging in your office? We can work with you to translate an idea onto our canvases, so that your coworkers can easily participate in the group project. But that's not all! We have a dedicated party room, and have even rented out our entire studio for groups that need the extra space or privacy. Contact us today - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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