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Date Nights... plan ahead!

How to Plan a Romantic Date Night in Omaha

If you’re looking for a fun date night idea, consider attending a sip and paint date night in Omaha with your partner. Even if you’ve already been to a painting party with your coworkers and friends, going with a date is a completely different experience. Here is your guide to planning the perfect romantic painting night for you and your partner.

Step 1: Pick the Right Night The first step is to pick a night to attend a sip and paint class. After you compare your schedules, look for an adults-only night. Some nights are specifically focused on couples, while others are simply for adults to enjoy a child-free atmosphere. Whether or not you have children of your own, going to a class with kids in it isn’t always the most romantic. You can avoid this by attending a class that’s geared toward adults.

Step 2: Wear Something Nice But Practical Nobody wants to look frumpy on a date with their significant other. However, there’s a chance that you could end up with some paint on your clothes, even with the best intentions. Plan to wear something that’s flattering, but in darker colors and a bit older, so you won’t mind if you get a little bit of paint on it.

Step 3: Plan to Eat a Romantic Dinner Before or After the Paint Party Depending on the time of the paint party, you should plan to go out for a romantic dinner before or after the paint and sip. Choose a nice but casual restaurant that you both love. If the paint party is late, plan to eat dinner beforehand so you aren’t hungry and distracted at the class. If it’s early, it would be great to grab dinner afterward. You won’t feel rushed, and you will have plenty to talk about.

Step 4: Encourage Each Other to Relax Not everyone has regular experience releasing their creative side. It might be intimidating at first to paint in front of other people. You or your partner might feel judged and uncomfortable sharing your work with others. This could make for an unhappy evening. Instead, praise your date on his or her painting and general art skills, which you might not have even known about. A painting party is supposed to be fun and relaxing. By focusing on what the other person is doing well, he or she will feel more comfortable participating.

Step 5: Gift Your Creation to Your Partner If you want, you can plan to swap paintings at the end of the night, so you each can keep each other’s paintings as a memento of the evening and of each other. You can write a loving message near your signature for your partner to read. This can be a fun way to show appreciation and love for each other. Spending a relaxing night at Painting with a Twist in Omaha can be a fun alternative to dinner and a movie with your romantic partner. You can drink wine and take your time unleashing your creative side. Once you go to a couples-only night at Painting with a Twist in Omaha, you may decide to make it a regular date night activity.

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