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Kid’s Birthday Parties

Remember that time someone finger painted on your white couch? Or the time you spent 5 hours trying to get your kitchen floor back to it’s normal color? We won’t even mention the poor, traumatized dog after being stampeded by a herd of charging 7 year olds.

That was around the time you realized the best spot for your kid’s party was far, far away from your home.

Be the cool mom (or dad, or auntie, or party fairy - you pick your title). Bring the kiddos to our colorful, chic studio, and they’ll have a blast getting creative. You’ll have a blast sitting back with a glass of wine, while we handle the set up, instruction and the clean up. Invite the other cool parents and have your own mini celebration.

With thousands of paintings to choose from, not to mention custom options, we’ll help you celebrate any theme or occasion. Plus, you will be sending each guest home with a piece of artwork. Party favors DONE. Now you’ll be the cool mom who taught the kids about art and culture.


Ready to plan your next kids party? Let’s chat.


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