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Back To School

Do you remember the excitement of new school supplies? Sure, you were probably dreading the school part but there was always the feeling of anticipation as you picked out your pristine lined notebook, and selected the perfect pens to write your upcoming literary masterpieces. Maybe a new set of markers were your thing. There’s just something magical about the possibilities new supplies bring.

This year, as you see numerous back to school ads, remember that feeling of possibility. That’s how we feel when we see a blank canvas. So much untapped potential and opportunity just waiting to be uncorked. Join us in the studio, we’ll pour you a glass of wine, and let’s create something together. It doesn’t matter if the last time you held a paintbrush was grade school, or if you’re a self-declared left brainer. There’s an art project for everyone and we’re here to help you find it.

Besides, with the kids back in school, think of all the me time you have earned from a long summer of “I’m bored,” “what’s for lunch,” and “can you drive us to the pool?” Isn’t it about time you treat yourself to a paint night?

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