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Make Mother’s Day a MOMumental Celebration!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner (seriously folks, it’s coming fast), give Mom a special memory that she’ll cherish all year long. Chances are, she still has some of your childhood artwork around the house. Isn’t it about time for a refresh? Plus, this time she gets to create too! That’s enough to guarantee favorite child status, and we didn’t even tell you about the wine!

mother and daughter holding flower paintings

We’ve designed a full weekend packed with special events just for you and mom. Work together on one image over two canvases, channel your inner Renoir by painting like a master, break out those PNW vibes with new artwork options, or bring the whole family in for an all-ages party! Oh, and did we mention we’ll also be at the vineyard? Hello, Mother’s Day in Wine Country! Beer, wine, mimosas and cider served in the studio (with soft drinks & mocktails also available). Call ahead and we’ll have her favorite bottle waiting. Make sure to check out the full calendar here, or give us a shout if you’d like to plan a private affair.

Looking more for something you can wrap up and add a bow? Stop by the studio and paint Mom your masterpiece this week or pick out a unique piece of artwork, painted by one of our artists (for an extra $5, we’ll let you sign your name in the corner (kidding, or are we?).


What about something that you can slip in an envelope? Get your Mother’s Day gift card, or give us a ring and we’ll send you a custom amount (so you can throw in a glass of wine or two). Mother’s Day planning DONE. Now, wasn’t that easy? Pour yourself a glass of wine, and we’ll see you in the studio soon!

mother and son painting canvases

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