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Event Highlight

There’s No “I” in Team, But There Should Be A Brush!

Is your office feeling that springtime slump? You know the one – we are in the 3pm of seasons. You can’t decide if you need a snack or a nap, and no matter how many times you look, it’s still not summer!

team painting on canvas

It’s time to revitalize your workplace, and no, we don’t mean running out for that triple espresso. Our team building events are customized for your team, goals and budget. Creating art together fosters collaboration, strengthens communication and inspires new ideas.

Bring your team to our studio in downtown Portland – just stepping foot inside inspires creativity, even in the most analytical of teams. We have accounting firms that will vouch for us on that one. If you need a little extra courage to pick up the paintbrush, we serve local beer, wine and cider guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing.

Can’t leave the office? Let us bring the party to you. Consider us your portable team-building experts! Our artists will bring all the supplies, handle set up and cleanup so stealthily, you’ll think we hired ninjas. You’ll be back to work in a flash…with newly improved focus and a creative mindset.



Now the only question left is, what are you going to create? Do you want to follow along with an artist and see everyone’s unique interpretation? Is there a blank conference room wall just begging for a team-made mural? Or give us your “call to action” and our staff will guide your team through a creative experience so fun that they won’t even notice you snuck in a company-enhancing agenda. We promise not to tell them if you don’t.


Ready to look at your options? Drop us a line and our event planner will help create the perfect event for any sized team.


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