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Order all of your FUN Twist@Home #DIY Paint Kits easily at our on line shop! All kits include ART you chose, the surface of your choice, custom paints, brushes, paint pallet, water cup and paper towles, written instructions and VIDEO! 

Pick up at the studio daily from 2-6pm or anytime during a scheduled class!   Mail and local delivery avialable for a small fee. 

Order here:DIY Art Kits | Take the Painting Party Home in Auburn, WA | Painting with a Twist

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pARTy PACK! BUY 4 - Get 1 FREE! 10x30 Canvas


pARTy PACK! BUY 4 - GET 1 FREE! 11x14 Canvas


pARTy PACK! Buy 4- GET 1 FREE 16x20 FRAMED Canvas


pARTy PACK! BUY 4-GET1 FREE 10.5x26 Wood Board Kit


pARTy PACK! BUY 4 GET 1 FREE 16x20 Canvas


pARTy PACK! Buy 4 Get 1 FREE! Porch Leaner Kit


pARTy PACK! BUY 4-Get 1 Free 12x12 Canvas


10.5"x26" Real Wood Board Painting Kit


10x30 Canvas Painting Kit


12x12 Canvas Painting Kit


16x20 Canvas Twist at Home Kit


11x14 Canvas Painting Kit


10.5x 47 Wood Porch Leaner Painting Kit


16x20 Framed Canvas


16x20 Wood Board Painting Kit


Shiplap Pallet Home Kit


pARTy PACK! Buy 4 get 1 FREE Shipap Pallet Kits


REFILL KIT/No Brushes 10x30 Canvas Painting Kit


REFILL KIT / No Brushes 16x20 WOOD BOARD Kit


REFILL KIT (No Brushes) 16x20 Canvas Painting Kit


Finished Art for Purchase WINE GLASS SET (2)


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