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Here you will find Gift Kits (Artwork can be selected by the recipient at a later date) and Add-on Retail Items.

To purchase Art Kits with pre-selected artwork, visit our At Home Kits page.



PARTY 5 -person 16x20 BUNDLE (SAVE 10%)


PRO 8 person PARTY PACK (SAVE 15%)


Date Nite DUO KIT 2 person (SAVE 5%)


16x20 Canvas Painting Kit


16x20 Framed Canvas Twist Painting Kit


16x20 Wood Board Painting Kit


16x20 Canvas Painting kit with Studio EASEL


16x20 Wood Board Painting kit with Studio EASEL


Wood Shiplap Pallet Twist Supply Kit


Handmade Soy Candle


11x14 Small Canvas Twist Kit (Great for Kids)


10x30 LONG Canvas Twist Supply Kit


10x30 Canvas Painting kit with Studio EASEL


10.5x26 LONG Wood Board Twist Supply Kit


10.5x26 LONG wood board paint kit w/ EASEL


Wine Glass Painting Set


EXTRA LONG Wood Porch Leaner Kit 10x47


Studio Easel


NEW Wooden Easel


Cardboard Easel


Gently used, clean Studio Apron


Extra Set of 3 Brushes


16x20 or 10x30 Frame UNFINISHED


16x20 Frame FINISHED


16x20 or 10x30 Canvas (Without paint or brushes)


Pop in SOY Candle PREMADE


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