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Family Day

Family Day

Family Paint Events

Drop the phone. Ditch the tablet. Step away from the TV! It's time to reclaim your free time, free from on-screen distractions! Bring the whole crew to Painting with a Twist, one of the best places to go for kids painting events, family paint nights, and even kids painting parties. Learn about family-friendly painting events near you today!

Family Painting Class at Painting with a Twist!

You've got a whole list of family activities up your sleeve. You have a season pass to the zoo, and you're on a first-name basis with the lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). You've spent countless rainy days at the bowling alley, and you've got the bowling shoe blisters to prove it. And, of course, you've spent your share of afternoons streaming cartoons on Netflix and playing games on the iPad together. Why not try something totally new at Painting with a Twist? Sign up for an “ALL AGES” painting event on the calendar below to get the family party started!

Why Painting with a Twist is Great for Families

Painting with a Twist painting sessions are fun art, not fine art. And you don’t need to be an artist to have fun! So, whether your kiddos are holding a paintbrush for the first time or grandma’s brushing up on her past hobby, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at our family painting events!

Plus, all of you will leave the studio with one-of-a-kind keepsakes created with a whole lot of love – and probably a whole lot of laughter, too! You might even leave the studio with a newfound passion. Win-win!

Easel Time is the New Screen Time

No shame here: there is a time and a place for screens. (Seriously, how do people fly on airplanes or survive sick days with young children without them?!) Even so, stepping away from technology and finding fun ways to unplug is a great way to bond as a family.

Our family painting classes feature step-by-step instruction designed for all ages and skill levels. What will you paint? There's plenty of masterpieces to choose from—from festive, seasonal pieces to portraits of your child's favorite animated friends. Get the whole gang together for a family paint night and spend some "non-screen" time creating memories in a relaxed, creative atmosphere. Everyone in your crew will have a blast unleashing their creativity and learning a brand new skill.

What to Bring to a Family Painting Event

Socialize and sip on your drink of choice while you follow along step-by-step with a local artist. We probably don't need to remind you to bring snacks, but we'll encourage you anyway! Finger food favorites like popcorn, string cheese, and seedless grapes are a great way to fuel your family's creative muscles.

At Painting with a Twist, we want you to focus on what's important—having a blast with your family. Unlike those at-home art projects, there's no time for crying over spilled paint at our studio (and you don't have to clean up afterward)! Enjoy a family day with your favorite people, and let us take care of all the details—including messes and supplies!

Finding Fun Family Activities Near You

Organizing a family outing that's fun for loved ones of all ages can be tricky! Painting with a Twist is your answer to this dilemma. From your littlest youngster to teenagers and beyond, everyone will love rolling up their sleeves and getting artsy. Even better? You'll be the family MVP for organizing this ultra-special family painting event. Your kids might not give you the credit you deserve for your party-planning expertise, but we will. Go, you!

Sign Up for a Family Painting Event!

Start building some everlasting family memories with a paint party at Painting with a Twist! Choose from our enormous catalog of paintings, which you can find on your local studio's online calendar. Look for the "ALL AGES" painting events in the calendar above, and select one to book a fun-filled family painting event!

Cherished family memories don't happen in front of a screen. They happen at Painting with a Twist! Scroll down to find a family-friendly painting event near you. Trust us — you'll leave with far more than a painting! Visit a studio page near you to sign up!

Family day
Family day
Family day
Family day
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