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With hectic work weeks, parenting, and maintaining personal relationships, we often forget to check in with ourselves. Fortunately, an excellent self-care morning routine could be just what the doctor ordered! Set a positive tone for your entire day and prioritize your overall well-being with these stellar self-care rituals.

10 Ideas for the Ultimate Self-Care Routine

A morning self-care routine doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated to prove worthwhile. It just has to include simple, thoughtful actions that leave you feeling grounded and refreshed at the start of your day. The following ideas are super easy to implement but can make all the difference in how your day unfolds!

1. Fill up on H2O

You’ve probably heard it said a thousand times, but staying hydrated is fundamental to your overall health. Even though you should be drinking water throughout the day, filling up on H20 from the start is a great way to jump-start your morning. And if you’d like to jazz things up a bit, try adding citrus slices (lemon, orange) or fresh herbs (basil, mint) into your glass.

2. Leave your phone alone

Often, our phones feel like both a blessing and a curse. They help us stay connected with our work and our loved ones, but they also contribute to a lot of stress in our daily lives. That’s why it’s important to take a break from social media, work emails, and news updates as part of your self-care morning routine. By omitting this little distraction, you can enjoy some well-deserved calm and clarity at the start of your day.

3. Jot down your thoughts

Creating a new journal entry first thing in the morning is the perfect chance to download your thoughts and feelings while they’re fresh. Make it a point to jot down everything — the good, the bad, and even the ugly. This way, your negative thoughts can stay where they are on the page, and your expressions of gratitude can put a positive spin on the remainder of the day.

4. Read something inspiring

Pick up a book of affirmations, poems, or spiritual text, and allow it to set the tone for the remainder of your day. Uplifting words like these can soothe your thoughts and offer some much-needed peace of mind.

5. Make a morning beverage

Establishing a beverage ritual is an easy addition to your self-care morning. Making your favorite drink is a quick way to center yourself and activate your mind. Whether you prefer energizing coffee, soothing tea, or a nourishing smoothie, find what beverage works for you and make a habit of drinking it each day.

6. Take your vitamins

The ultimate self-care routine is one that’s well-rounded, meaning it looks at your physical, mental, and emotional needs. And part of tending to these areas is taking daily vitamins, minerals, or supplements to help you perform at your best. If you’re not taking anything at the moment, consider starting with a multivitamin as a means to prioritizing your health.

7. Practice meditation

If you’re someone whose mind is racing from the moment you wake up, meditation can be a powerful way to connect with yourself on a deeper level. While practicing meditation isn’t a cure-all for anxiety or nervous thoughts, it’s still an excellent opportunity to destress, center your thoughts, and bring awareness to the present moment.

8. Incorporate fragrance

Have you ever included scent as part of your morning self-care? A pleasant sensory experience has the power to calm your emotions and enhance your mood. Whether you burn incense or add essential oils to your shower, fragrances that are both relaxing and familiar can be a great pick-me-up in the early hours of the day.

9. Set your day’s intention

While setting an intention for your day only takes a few minutes, its influence shouldn’t be underestimated. Creating a mindful intention can be as simple as saying: “Today, I will be productive, and I won’t stress about things outside of my control.” Writing your mantra down or saying it out loud can alter the course of your day and help you to focus on what matters most.

10. Get your body moving

This last suggestion doesn’t have to translate to a 7:00 A.M. cardio session — but if that’s what you’re into, then go for it! The idea here is to get the blood flowing, which can do amazing things for your physical and mental wellbeing. Try going for a walk around the block or plugging into twenty minutes of guided yoga to help you ease into the rest of your day.

Prioritize Self-Care at Painting with a Twist

Self-care is all about the small ways you listen to your body and respond to its needs, and yet, practicing self-care doesn’t have to end once you head off to work. Expand your self-care day routine and self-love journey by joining a Zen Collection event at Painting with a Twist!

We provide the supplies, therapeutic music, and calming atmosphere you need to unwind after a long, busy day. Look for a Painting with a Twist studio near you, and get ready to give your self-care a significant boost and creative edge.

zen painting
Creative Techniques

How to Paint Pour with a Twist

Are you looking for a new art style to really amp up your decor game? Or maybe you’re searching for a way to pour into yourself or simply a reason to pour yourself a drink. Whatever the goal, Painting with a Twist’s Paint Pour events are just what you need! Learn about this fun and unique art style and how you can get pouring and sipping at a studio near you!

What is Paint Pouring Anyway?

Paint pouring is an art style that combines acrylic paint with other ingredients to make it more fluid than standard paint. This mixture is then poured onto a canvas to create a gorgeous marbling effect.

Painters can then tilt or roll the canvas to watch the acrylic paint flow and interact in all sorts of unpredictable and beautiful ways! In fact, some of the best acrylic paint pours are the most “messy” and spontaneous!

Speaking of messy — there’s a time and place to dress to impress, but paint pouring probably isn’t that! Because you’ll be pouring acrylic paint directly onto the canvas and then using your hands to physically tip and manipulate it, there is always a chance you’ll spill some paint on yourself. Just in case, it’s best not to wear your favorite articles of clothing!

paint pour art

Decorating with Your Paint Pour Art

One of the best aspects of enjoying a Painting with a Twist event is leaving the studio with a custom piece of art. If your goal is to create a piece of décor to display in your home, determine the designated location in your space prior to the event. What paint colors will complement the room? Are there other pieces of décor your pour painting needs to mesh with?

Because these pour paintings are so visually stimulating, it makes an excellent focal point for any room. And by keeping the nearby décor on the minimalistic side, your pour painting becomes the star of the show.

Making a Pour Painting Your Own

Each pour painting is truly one of a kind. Even the same artist will not be able to recreate the same work of art twice! From how you combine paints to how the canvas is tilted, many factors affect the outcome of your creation. That’s what makes paint pouring so exciting – the art surprises the artist.

You can pour a single color onto your canvas at a time, or you can create a striking, marble-looking creation with just a couple pours of various colors. You might even choose to do something called a “dirty pour,” which means mixing colors in your cup prior to pouring them on your canvas. Dirty pours create all kinds of funky, interesting, and unexpected patterns.

With beginner paint pouring, half the fun is experimenting with colors and techniques! If you’ve never done any type of paint pour before, this is one Painting with a Twist activity you’ll want to add to your bucket list.

Paint Pour at Painting with a Twist

Ready to try your hand at this fantastic new art style? Unwind with a Paint Pour event at a Painting with a Twist location near you, and enjoy an evening of drinks and relaxation as you create your very own work of art.

Have you ever taken a road trip across the country? What about running in a 5K race or riding in a hot air balloon? Why not make this the summer you finally do some of the things you’ve always wanted to try? Whether you’re creating a bucket list for yourself, for you and your S.O., a bestie, or your children, these activities are sure to give you a summer to remember.

Summer Bucket Lists Ideas for Just About Everyone

The sun-filled, warm-breeze days of summer are making their return, which means you’ll likely be looking for fresh ideas on how to spend your time. Fortunately, there are tons of great activities you can dive into on your own — or with your loved ones. Read through our fun summer bucket list ideas for some major inspiration, and then get to planning your next outing!

10 Solo Summer Bucket List Ideas

There’s nothing better than making time for yourself and exploring at your own pace. From doing random acts of kindness in your community to baking your very own fruit pie from scratch, this solo summer bucket list is sure to leave you satisfied with your accomplishments long after the summer sun has set.

  1. Grow an herb or vegetable garden
  2. Play tourist in your home city
  3. Spend a full 24-hours without electronics
  4. Train and run in a themed 5K race
  5. Read a New York Times bestseller
  6. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted
  7. Pick wildflowers and make a bouquet
  8. Pamper yourself with an at-home staycation
  9. Visit friends you haven’t seen in a while
  10. Start a daily gratitude journal

10 Best Friend Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer isn’t quite complete until you’ve done a few crazy things and made lasting memories with your girl crew. Bask in the summer sun, pick fresh berries at a U-pick farm, and make this summer season one for the books with these best friend bucket list ideas!

  1. Road trip to a neighboring state
  2. Take part in a beer or wine tasting
  3. Have a spa day complete with mani-pedis
  4. Go for a boat ride and enjoy a day on the lake
  5. Attend a Painting with a Twist Late Night event
  6. Experiment with new cocktail recipes
  7. Tackle a karaoke duet with a live audience
  8. Tube down a nearby river
  9. Eat dinner at a rooftop restaurant
  10. Watch a summer meteor shower

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Couples

Keep the spark alive with your boo or beau this summer by making this a bucket list challenge! Get rid of mundane movie nights, and instead come up with some cool activities that’ll return vigor to your relationship. Add other ideas to this list, such as learning how to cook homemade pasta or going to a drive-in, and make this a summer you’ll never forget.

  1. Try a cuisine you’ve never had
  2. Snag tickets to an outdoor concert or play
  3. Plan a picnic lunch at a local park
  4. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
  5. Make dinner with your farmer’s market finds
  6. Watch the sunset or go stargazing on a clear night
  7. Hike a new trail and explore the great outdoors
  8. Go camping (or glamping) in a remote location
  9. Take a tandem bike ride around the city
  10. Take a scenic drive with no destination in mind

10 Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids

Let’s face it, kids grow up entirely too fast. And that’s why it’s important to make their summer special too! Help create lasting childhood memories for your kiddos this year with this summer bucket list for kids.

  1. Spend the day at an amusement park
  2. Play water games in the backyard
  3. Create tie-dye T-shirts or accessories
  4. Go to an evening game at the ballpark
  5. Make s’mores over a bonfire
  6. Fly a kite at a neighborhood park
  7. Dance in the rain or go puddle jumping
  8. Decorate the driveway with chalk
  9. Catch fireflies in a mason jar
  10. Organize a family game night

Spring into Summer at Painting with a Twist

Are you looking for artsy activities to add to your summer to-do list? If so, bring your girl crew or partner to a Painting with a Twist Late Night event at a studio near you! Our team at Painting with a Twist will provide all the necessary supplies and create an inviting atmosphere. All you have to do is show up and have some fun. Find your nearest Painting with a Twist studio, and get ready to spend your summer creating something unique and memorable!

summer painting

They’ll always be your kids, but they won’t be young forever. If it’s been too long since you’ve hung out as a family, then it’s time to get everyone out of their rooms and off their devices! Start making lasting memories with these family outing ideas that are sure to be fun for the entire family.

Make Every Activity More Memorable

Engage your senses

To better remember precious moments with your little ones, take a mental minute to log each of your senses. Hone in on your children’s laughter as they sprint across the lawn. Remember the sweet smell of blossoming flowers around you. And relish in the warm breeze across your skin. This not only helps your brain hold onto the details of precious family moments, but it can also help you become more immersed in the enjoyment of each activity!

Aim for stress-free fun

Family outing ideas can have so many moving pieces that they risk becoming stressful experiences. Aim for stress-free fun by getting pre-packaged activities, simplifying your play, or letting someone else plan the day for you! Museums, children’s science centers, and libraries all have amazing activity calendars that allow parents to take a backseat on planning and a front seat in the enjoyment.

Put down your phone

The temptation to check notifications, take pictures, and record videos can make family time a little overwhelming and take the magic out of memory-making. Remember to put down your phone, enjoy yourself, and savor each moment as it happens!

Choose brand new activities

The pressure to choose successful family activities can sometimes bring you back to the same ‘ole ideas. Spice it up! Get input from your kids and create their favorite childhood memories with some creative collaboration. Making memories together can be simple with input from your little ones.

Family-Friendly Activities to Consider

Get into nature

Whether it’s a hike, a picnic, walking the dog, or splashing in mud puddles, getting into nature is a simple family outing idea to connect and unwind. Being in nature can help to reduce stress, anger, and tension while increasing pleasant feelings. With your newfound relaxation, it’ll become easier to get back to basics and find small moments to treasure — like looking at leaves, climbing trees, or watching clouds.

Sweeten the moment

Allow your memory-making to reach others! Bring your kiddos to simple but enjoyable destinations like your favorite coffee shop. While you sip your morning brew, have them make small drawings or write little good luck fortunes and hand them out to the baristas and fellow patrons. You’ll walk away feeling recharged, and your creativity will have spread into your community!

Luck of the draw

Plan ahead by creating a family folder of activity ideas tucked into envelopes. If any activity has a particular restriction — like hours of operation or cost of entry — note this on the outside of the envelope. This will help you confirm whether the idea works for you before the excitement of the unveiling.

Then, rest easy knowing your entire summer of fun is already planned for you. Let your littles pull an envelope when you have free time as a family, and let the indoor activities, movie nights, cookie bake-offs, and dance-offs commence!

Unleash your Creative Side at Painting with a Twist

Let your local Painting with a Twist studio provide you with some family fun! Share conversation, have some laughs, and make colorful memories at a family painting event near you. With tons of events to choose from, we can help make your next family outing so successful that your kiddos will be asking when you can plan the next one!

family painting event

From gratitude journals and DIY lip scrubs to homemade scented soaps, you can create and personalize your very own self-love experience with a DIY self-care kit! Taking the time to make one yourself is an excellent way to compile the things that are most important to you. Reduce stress and increase joy by making time for you with these tips for creating a self-care box.

What is a DIY Self-Care Kit?

A DIY self-care kit is a box filled with comforting items and activities that help you relax, feel good, and find peace on an otherwise busy day. Making your own self-care box is a great way to practice patience and kindness towards yourself — even if it’s only for a few minutes each day. Practicing self-love can help boost your physical health, improve your emotional health, and even make you a better caregiver.

Things to Put in a Self Care Kit

While your self-care kit will be unique to you, there are a few broad categories that you might want to include. However, these are just self-care box ideas — feel free to add whatever you find most nourishing to your own mind, body, and spirit.

Bath and Beauty Items

Because the physical impacts of stress and overwork are often the ones we notice first, including things that reduce and alleviate physical ailments can pave the way for a calmer state of mind. Get comfortable with cozy slippers and a luxuriously soft robe to set the scene for a few hours of self-care.

You might want to include some DIY bath bombs or a DIY foot soak in your kit to relieve muscle pain and sore feet. If your skin is what suffers most when you’re under stress, consider including a soothing face mask, a DIY sugar scrub, or a DIY lip scrub to restore a healthy glow.

Calming Food and Drink

Another self-care idea: letting yourself indulge in your favorite foods and drinks. Include your most beloved bar of chocolate or bottle of wine, and enjoy these luxuries without guilt. Maybe you favor hot chocolate, gourmet coffee, or a relaxing herbal tea. No matter your preference, including a little something for your tastebuds can go a long way toward restoring a more joyful you.

Mindfulness Aids

Including items in your self-care box to restore and heal your body is a key first step toward physical relaxation. But don’t forget to add things that can help you maintain that newfound calm by restoring your mind and spirit. Sensory items, such as your favorite scented candle, a white noise machine, or a playlist of relaxing songs, can set the stage for a calmer mental state.

If you find solace in the written word, include a journal and some colorful pens to capture the things you’re grateful for on paper. A great book is also an excellent item to include, as it can provide a mental escape from daily worries.

Get Calm at Painting with a Twist

Loving yourself doesn’t end with a DIY self-care kit. Make time for you by joining a Zen Collection Painting with a Twist event at your local studio for an enriching and relaxing experience. We’ll provide the supplies, music, and calming atmosphere. All you need to bring is yourself and some stellar positive energy!

At last! Memorial Day Weekend has arrived, and it’s time to kick off summer! If you’re looking to get the most out of your three-day holiday weekend, then it’s best to start planning the festivities now. No one wants to realize, the Thursday before, that they have absolutely nothing planned. So, if you’re not sure what to do on Memorial Day weekend this year, we’ve got some fantastic ideas! Say hello to summer with these five Memorial Day weekend activities.

Keep it Classic with a BBQ Pool Party

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when searching for Memorial Day party ideas. Keep it simple. Invite friends and family for a backyard pool party, complete with a barbeque spread and boozy beverages.

No pool? No problem! You’d be surprised by how much fun a party full of revelers can have at a DIY budget water park. Grab a slip n’ slide, water guns, or even an oversized baby pool. If BBQ isn’t your favorite, you can’t go wrong with a “build your own” bar – think hot dogs, tacos, ice cream sundaes, and anything else you can customize!

Plan a Movie Night in Your Backyard

A movie night with great friends is always a good idea. But make it twice as fun by watching your favorite patriotic films under the stars this Memorial Day.

Luckily, you don’t need any overly fancy gadgets to set up your own backyard theater. Grab a budget-friendly projector at places like Walmart or Amazon, a screen (or a white bedsheet!), some speakers, and, of course, a movie! Have guests bring blankets or folding chairs, pop some extra buttery popcorn, and enjoy a flick al fresco. Don’t forget the star-spangled décor!

Get Competitive with a Backyard Tournament

If this is an adults-only Memorial Day party, think Beerlympics. If it’s a family-friendly affair, think field day! Set up various competitive games (from flip cup to a three-legged race, depending on your competitors) and divide your guests into red, white, and blue teams. Everyone will have a blast getting a little competitive. Afterward, relax and mingle in the sunshine with delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Host a Patriotic Paint Party

If you’re looking for a more out-of-the-box event to celebrate the first day of summer with your crew, hosting a Painting with a Twist painting event is the ticket. At a painting party, a talented instructor will walk you through the creation of your very own summer or America-themed artwork as you indulge in some of your favorite adult beverages.

And don’t worry: at Painting with a Twist, it’s fun art, not fine art! There’s no painting experience (or skill) required! Book a private party at your local studio, or check out this step-by-step guide for hosting a painting event in your own backyard. As you might’ve noticed, Memorial Day and sunny backyard celebrations go hand-in-hand!

patriotic painting

Remember Our Veterans

Memorial Day weekend is typically marked by cookouts, sunburns, and festivities with loved ones. However, it’s important to remember the significance of this heroic holiday. As we remember the men and women who have given their lives while serving our country, carve out some time to honor their sacrifice. Create care packages or write letters for those currently serving or tune in to the National Memorial Day Concert.

The first day of summer isn’t until June, but you can still get in the summertime spirit this Memorial Day by planning the ultimate summer experience. From backyard pool parties to delicious BBQ, the options are endless! The best option, however, is getting everyone together for a private paint event. Enjoy creating seasonally-inspired artwork with the entire family at Painting with a Twist this Memorial Day!

Scheduling regular date nights for couples is essential to keeping that romantic spark alive. But unfortunately, it’s all too easy for this activity to become a little stale. Kick things up a notch with these fun and inexpensive stay-at-home date night ideas and enjoy a wonderful evening you won’t soon forget.

1. Cook Up Some Romance

Is there anything more romantic than cooking pasta with your boo or beau? Turn up some tunes and sing along as you chop, stir, and simmer with this Pasta Bolognese recipe. Enjoying a Lady and the Tramp moment is highly encouraged.

2. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Snuggle up on the sofa for a movie night. Choose a theme, like your favorite series or all your beloved childhood films. Pop some popcorn, and pick up those theater-style candy boxes, too. Turn off all the lights and silence your cell phones like you would at the theater.

Kick it up a notch: Set up a sheet and projector on the patio for a movie night beneath the stars.

3. Have a Paint Date

What better way to enjoy a stay-at-home date night than by creating art with your significant other in an intimate setting? Order a twist-at-home paint kit, break out the bubbly, and trigger that oxytocin hormone for the ultimate night in!

Date Night Painting

4. Organize a Candlelight (Takeout) Dinner

Candles can make any dinner-for-two one of the most romantic ideas for a stay-at-home date. Enjoy a cozy night in by ordering takeout from the best steakhouse in town or that little French place you’ve always wanted to try. Lay out a white tablecloth, pull out your fancy dinnerware, and light a few candles to set the mood. Get dressed in your best like you would for a date night out.

Kick it up a notch: Tie in something meaningful, like picking up dessert from the place you had your first date or opening a bottle of the wine you served at your wedding.

5. Game Night

A little competition is healthy for a relationship, right? Challenge your partner and plan a big prize! The winner gets a massage or no dish duty for a week! Here are a few games to get the romantic rivalry brewing:








6. Tasting for Two

Bring the booze to you! Set up a tasting for wine, whiskey, beer — whatever tickles your fancy. And if you’d prefer an alcohol-free tasting, try chocolates, olive oils, balsamic vinegars, or coffees! Do a little research to learn more about your tasting options in advance. The best part — you can add this to your list of cheap stay-at-home date night ideas since you’ll save some cash by forfeiting pricey wineries, breweries, or distilleries.

Kick it up a notch: Add in pairings, like wine with chocolate, beer & popcorn, or olive oils & bread.

7. Cozy Campout

No need to venture out into the wilderness for this date-night idea! Just pitch a tent in your backyard or build a comfy fort indoors! But before cozying up in your sleeping bags, be sure to pull out all the stops! Go for a “hike” around your neighborhood, cook hotdogs, roast s’mores in the oven (yum!), and tell stories while gazing at the stars.

Kick it up a notch: Ghost stories are always a good idea when camping, but change the genre to romance by re-telling the story of how you met, your first date, your wedding day, etc.

8. The Happiest Hour

Have fun mixing up your own signature cocktails! Create one for each of you — and maybe one as a couple, too. Become an amateur mixologist for the night as you look up how-to videos and stir the night away! And if the weather is nice, sip your signature drinks on the patio for an al fresco date. But don’t forget the appetizers — chips and guac are always a great idea!

Homemade Guacamole:

2 avocados

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp ancho chile powder

1-2 T lime juice

1/2 white or yellow onion, finely chopped

1/4 c cilantro, roughly chopped

Coarse salt, to taste

Cut avocado in half, remove the pit, and chop into quarters. In a bowl, mash the avocado with a fork. Mix in pepper and chile powder, followed by the chopped onion and lime juice. Add salt to taste. Mix in cilantro. Serve with tortilla chips.

9. A Perfect Picnic

If the weather is nice, spread out a blanket in the front yard and sip on iced tea or a glass of rosé. You can dine on anything you like, from Chinese takeout and pasta salad to cheese and crackers. Time it just right so you can watch the sunset together.

Build a Charcuterie Board:

1 cured meats (salami, soppressata, prosciutto, capocollo, summer sausage)

1 soft cheese (brie, camembert, goat cheese)

1 hard cheese (white cheddar, smoked gouda, beemster)

2 fruits (grapes, pears, apples, blackberries, dried apricots)

Mixed nuts




10. Dancing the Night Away

Forget about your two left feet and cut loose! Bust a move on your own, or try online dance lessons for couples. Move the furniture to create your dance floor, and have a blast learning to salsa, waltz, or two-step!

Kick it up a notch: Create a playlist of your favorite and most meaningful songs together for your personal dance party.

Whether you cook up a gourmet meal or create fun art together with a Twist at Home Paint Kit, these activities for two are sure to combat date-night fatigue! And when you want to get out of the house, try a couples’ night event at your local Painting with a Twist for a romantic date night out!

Practicing mindfulness, or becoming more conscious of your daily thoughts and emotions, can help ease anxiety, depression, and so much more. Explore these mindfulness arts and crafts practices that you can do solo or with others, and begin your journey to leading a more mindful and fulfilling lifestyle.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is an intentional act (usually meditation), where you work to reduce inner chatter and obsessive thoughts by bringing your attention to the present moment. If you focus on your feelings and actions without judgment, practicing mindfulness can bring you closer to a calm and relaxing state.

Each day, our thoughts are focused on stressful things like work projects, corralling the children from point a to point b, and things that we often have no control over. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to destress when you feel overwhelmed. And mindfulness art activities are a great place to start.

What are the Benefits of Practicing Mindfulness

According to the American Psychological Association, practicing mindfulness can help to relieve certain ailments, alleviate depression, and more. By committing to and nurturing yourself, you may experience amazing benefits like:

Increased memory capacity and concentration

Lower levels of anxiety and stress

Better emotion regulation

Stronger capacity for suppressing distracting thoughts or information

Increased immune system efficiency

Better overall well-being

And these are just a few of the advantages! Aim to practice mindfulness every day for about six months. Over time, you might find that mindfulness becomes easier.

Mindfulness Activities to Try

Play with Clay

Hone in on the nostalgia of playing with moldable dough, and grab yourself some clay with this mindfulness craft activity. Put on relaxing music, and create something that brings you joy — whether it’s your pet, small birds, or even a large tree.

Be sure to treat this process with a gentle nature, and refrain from getting too caught up in the details. It doesn’t have to be perfect! The best part — this particular craft can be used as mindfulness activities for kids and groups, so you can enjoy peace of mind with the entire family! And if you’d like to take it one step further, grab some paint, and make it a mindfulness painting activity, too!

Grab an Adult Coloring Book

Break out the adult coloring books and colored pencils you never seem to get to, and give yourself permission to color outside the lines. Enjoy the activity as your hands graze upon the page, and focus your intention on making this image your very own.

Draw the Sound

Choose music that fluctuates in emotion and draw to the sound! The best genres for this activity are classical and jazz, as they typically portray various emotions in a single track. Use your pencil to convey what you feel on a large sheet of paper. During the process, you may just pinpoint emotions you’ve never had time to acknowledge before.

Write or Draw in Nature

Engaging your senses in nature is incredibly beneficial. Visit your local park or pull out a lawn chair in your backyard, and observe the world around you with a pencil in hand. Draw inspiration from trees, children playing, flowers, fountains, or anything else that you feel drawn to. Then, write or draw to the sound of your own beat. Doing this activity can help you become more strongly fixed in the present.

Create Your Perfect Day

Whether you opt for the collage-style option or decide to write in a journal, have fun with this craft for mindfulness. Take a moment to close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and visualize your perfect day. While doing so, ensure that you’re not limiting yourself to what feels possible or unlikely. Let your imagination run wild!

If you choose to do this on a collage, pull photos from magazines or draw images that correlate with your ideal day. If you decide to write this out, make sure to use plenty of adjectives to truly describe every sense and emotion.

Join a Zen Painting Event at Painting with a Twist

Mindful painting can provide many benefits — from stress reduction and increased positive thinking to mood elevation and more. And with Painting with a Twist’s Zen Collection events, you’ll create your own tranquil painting while you relax with soothing music and experience some guided meditation and breathing exercises to help calm your spirit and mind. Find a zen event at your local studio, and get one step closer to reducing that inner chatter.

Zen Painting Event

You’ve finally carved out time for a date with your mom crew, and it’s time to let your hair down for a night on the town! Child-free excursions are few and far between, so get ready to make the most of your evening. Skip the standard movie nights, leave the kids’ snacks at home, and take advantage of this rare opportunity with these fun and exciting moms’-night-out ideas.

1. Dance the night away at a concert

There’s nothing quite like letting loose and dancing to live music with a couple of your closest friends. If your favorite musical artist is coming to town, you’ve got the perfect excuse for a moms’ night out. Put on your dancing shoes and savor the chance to ditch the Baby Shark song for… well, anything else!

2. Let off some steam with axe throwing

For the mom squads who like a good adrenaline rush, axe throwing might be the perfect activity. This out-of-the-box pastime used to be exclusive to lumberjack competitions, but now you can find axe-throwing locations in most cities! Don your coziest flannels and stretch out those arms for this terrifically edgy experience.

3. Enjoy some arts & crafts (adult style!) with Painting with a Twist

It’s always fun to get a little artsy. But let’s be real, it’s best when the kids can’t make a massive mess, and you aren’t in charge of cleaning up. At Painting with a Twist, you and your girlfriends can enjoy an adult beverage (or two!), jam out to some music while following along with one of our instructors as you create your own art. Book your seats or a private party at your local studio or stay in for the night with Twist at Home Paint Kits!

Moms Night Out

4. Channel your inner Julia Child with a cooking class

It’s mom’s night off from making dinosaur chicken nuggets and mac & cheese, so why not indulge in something a bit more sophisticated? Book a class at a local culinary school or restaurant, and cook up some memories during your night out with friends. Taking a cooking class together is a great way to stay connected with your busy girl squad. So, heat up the kitchen and bond with your crew with this fantastic activity!

5. Check out the local comedy scene at an improv or stand-up show

Your city likely offers things to do for ladies’ night that you’ve never considered. In the mood for a laugh? Find a local comedy club and grab tickets to a show! Hopefully, you’ll see some SNL-level sketch comedy or a stand-up star on the rise. And if your local comedians are a bit more amateur, you’ll just have a different reason to laugh!

6. Pamper yourselves with a blowout and fancy dinner

For busy moms, taking a shower without little hands pounding on the bathroom door can be a real treat. That’s why this is one of the most fun ladies’ night out ideas! Book blowouts at your local salon, and make reservations at that fancy and extremely kid-unfriendly restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out. Amazing hair and an amazing meal – is there anything better?

7. Throw it back to the good old days with a sleepover party

There doesn’t have to be a curfew on mom’s night off. If you’re searching for free moms’ night out ideas, consider hosting a sleepover! Invite your mom crew over for a wine-down slumber party, complete with your coziest pajamas and favorite rom-coms. Who says sleepovers are for children? There’s something magical about having a heart-to-heart with your closest confidantes before drifting off to sleep.

Mom’s night out is truly sacred, and you deserve to make it something special. What better way to ensure your evening is a guaranteed blast than by booking a private event at your local Painting with a Twist studio? Make lasting memories and masterpieces to symbolize that one child and spouse-free night with your much-deserving mom crew!

Spring has officially arrived, and that means it’s time for a fresh start. Finished your spring cleaning? Great! Completed your binge marathon? Well done! Now it’s time to get out of the house, find a new hobby, and make some new friends along the way. Step outside, and get ready to find your next warm-weather activity with this list of social hobbies to enjoy this spring!

Explore the Great Outdoors

The sun is out, the weather is great, and now it’s time to get out of the house and enjoy it all. Take a stroll in a local park while staying open to the possibility of interacting with others along the way. And if you’re looking to get more active, outdoor fitness is a great place to start! Walking, jogging, yoga, and hiking are just a few things you can do to get moving and enjoy the outdoors.

Check around your area for fitness groups. so you can get active, admire nature, and create unique bonds with amazing people you might never have encountered otherwise.

Get Inspired, Get Creative

The world is bursting with inspiration at every turn. So, if you’re looking for an outlet for all that creative energy, try your hand at some artistic activities! From painting, crocheting, and pottery to drawing and photography, the options are endless. Join art groups, improv classes, go on trips to museums, and meet people who are just as creative and inspired as you!

And if you’re worried that you may not be artistically inclined, Painting with a Twist is a great introduction into the world of creative arts! You don’t have to be a Picasso or Van Gough to create your own stunning work of art. Simply join an event near you, and we’ll provide the instructions, supplies, and social atmosphere you need to try your hand at this amazing interactive hobby!

paint party

Get Out and Volunteer

One of the best ways to meet new people who share similar principles and passions as you is by finding volunteer opportunities that you believe in. Whether you have a strong affinity for taking care of elders in nursing homes or feeding children in need, there’s likely a cause you can get behind. Doing good for others has many benefits, including making new friends and learning new skills. So why not choose a cause you’re passionate about, and turn it into a social hobby this spring?

Mix and Mingle at Painting with a Twist

Painting with a Twist is a great place to mix and mingle! Not only can you create art and try your hand at a new, potential hobby, but you can also create lasting connections. Regardless of skill level, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience as you let your creativity shine and socialize with those around you. Join a Painting with a Twist event at your local studio, and make this social hobby one for the books!

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