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Become a Fall Decorista with These Cheap & Easy Home Decor Ideas

Everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Some decoristas use the full spectrum of seasonal colors to embrace their autumn cheer. Others prefer the chic route with minimal colors and inspired accent pieces. And of course, there’s sticking to customs and traditions with vintage pieces deep-rooted in family history.

Luckily, you don’t need a big budget to spruce up your home with the perfect fall decor. Channel your inner decorista, and check out these ideas on how to make cheap DIY fall decorations for every room in your home that are charming, simple, and easy to personalize!

How to Decorate Your Front Porch

Finding the perfect fall front porch decorating ideas on a budget is a top priority when preparing your home for the season. Your front porch is meant to captivate your guests long before they ever enter your fall-festive haven. With simple decor like a wreath, a porch leaner, and a bale of hay, you can illuminate your home with a scenic display of the autumn season.

Fall Porch Leaner

Perhaps the most exciting DIY fall home decor idea is the reliable porch leaner. With charming expressions like “Fall is Here,” or “Harvest Season” you can take matters into your own hands and channel that unique, decorista flair. What’s more, Painting With a Twist can help you create your very own! Find a fall porch leaner painting event at a studio near you and beckon your family, friends, and neighbors with a warm and inviting first impression.

Bale of Hay Masterpiece

You can purchase a bale of hay from many popular stores for less than ten bucks. So grab one and adorn it with plaid ribbon, colorful garlands, and various-sized pumpkins. This simple trick creates the illusion that you put much more time, effort, and cash into your outside decor.

How to Decorate Your Patio

The power of fall patio decor is not to be overlooked when decorating for the season. It’s one of the best places to entertain and enjoy autumnal weather while you chit chat with the girls or sip your wine after a long day. Centerpieces for your table, throw pillows, and tartan blankets will liven the space in a pinch. Introduce a little lighting to create a harmonious display as the sun sets over your autumn arrangements.

Tin Tub Exhibit

Tin tubs are a tried and true staple in outside fall decor, especially when they’re thrifted. Once you find the perfect one to center your patio table, fill it with hay or even small branches and twigs from your own backyard. Next, deck it out with large sunflowers, fall foliage garlands, dried corn and husks, and oversized pumpkins. Drape the garlands over the sides and along the table for beautiful continuity.

Fabric Placements

Because patios are typically covered with awnings or low-level roofs, feel free to decorate your chairs and tables with tartan blankets and fall-inspired throw pillows. The warmth of these decorations will create an abundance of harvest-season energy.

How to Decorate Your Living Room

Your living room is the heart of your home and the center of your fall decor artistry. True decoristas quickly learn that you can capture the spirit of autumn with beautifully-crafted vignettes, seasonal artwork, fall-inspired pillows, and oversized throws.

fall decor

Seasonal Vignettes

Vignettes are an easy, budget-friendly way to showcase your love of fall. A vignette coordinates several smaller pieces that, when arranged, help tell a story, capture a mood, or display a feeling. When creating one, you want to have a piece that anchors the entire display. Whether it’s a large mirror or prodigious lantern, your guests will be captivated as they cast their eyes over your masterpiece.

Rounded wicker baskets, pillared candle holders, and artsy vases — typical decor finds when thrifting — are the perfect items to use when designing your vignette. Put dried florals into your vase and gently tie them together with jute twine or rope. Fill your wicker basket with harvest goodies like pumpkins, pine cones, gords, and faux foliage.

For your candle holders, add a hint of drama with taper candles. Center the basket and layer the rest from back to front, and voila! Your thrifted finds exude expensive energy, and none will be the wiser.

Custom Paintings

Replace your summer and spring paintings by getting fall festive at Painting with a Twist. Bind together all of your living room decor efforts with artwork that is true to the autumnal season. Plus this will help you truly get in the DIY decorista spirit by creating your own work of art!

How to Decorate Your Kitchen

While decorating your culinary domain for the harvest season, be sure to take advantage of the items already there. You can do this by featuring your fall produce (i.e., corn, squash, apples, figs, and pears), reimagined cookware, and seasonal coffee mugs.

Tiered Trays

Tiered trays can be an elegant, yet simple approach to decorating your kitchen for the holidays. The best ones can be used time and again for different seasons and celebrations. Once you’ve found the perfect location for your tiered tray, delicately arrange all of your harvest favorites, and include anything from seasonal signs, dried florals, acorns, candles, and coffee mugs.

Harvest Garland

You can make your own fall hanging decorations by creating personalized, harvest garlands. Start by gathering your brightest harvest produce and cutting them into various-sized slices — no thicker than a centimeter.

Next, place them flat down on a cooking tray, and bake your goodies in the oven, at low heat, until they are completely dry (use a dehydrator if you have one on hand).

Then, leave your dried harvest to cool overnight. Gather oak leaves, corn husks, cinnamon twigs, and anything else your autumn heart desires.

Finally, weave it all together with an embroidery needle and twine, and hang your unrivaled creation anywhere in your home — from the island in your kitchen to the fireplace in your living room.

How to Decorate Your Dining Room

If the dining area is the focal point of your home or if you wear more than one holiday hat — decorista by day and host by night — you may feel pressure to splurge in this room of great feasts. But a simple, elegant centerpiece is all you’ll need to liven up your dining room with all of the fall vibes! Try an assortment of fall-inspired vases, table runners, themed place settings, and dried harvest goodies.

Cake-Holder Centerpieces

Just as we used reimagined cookware for the kitchen, you can do the same in the dining room. Because, well, who said cake stands must hold cake? Instead, use them to showcase fall items like pears, gourds, acorns, and even vines or dried wheat. And if your cake stand isn’t large enough to hold its own as a centerpiece, gather a few smaller ones to keep it company.

Fall-Inspired Place Settings

Fall-inspired place settings can be as simple as earth-toned placemats, napkin rings, plates, and chargers. Not only will you save tons of cash by opting out of niche holiday sets, but you’ll be able to mix and match your dining ware to meet other holiday needs.

Fall Decorista Bonus Tips

Sometimes, autumn cheer is found in smaller, more subtle details. Use these cute bonus ideas for a well-rounded ambiance.

Casual Decor

Spontaneously place pumpkins and gourds of various sizes in spaces around your home (e.g. bookcases and bathroom countertops). However subtle this idea may be, your guests will surely take notice.

Scents of Fall

In many cases, scents can tie together cheerful nostalgia and the season’s spirit even more than visual appeal. Make your own scents by boiling water in a pot or crockpot at low-heat. Include true fall items such as pumpkin spice oil, orange rinds, cinnamon sticks, vanilla, cloves, and apple slices. You’re sure to create autumn memories that will not soon be forgotten.

Now that you know how to decorate for fall with these fun and simple ideas, get started by finding your nearest Painting with a Twist location. It’s time to strut your stuff with fall porch leaners, seasonal art, and other fun canvas types! Make your inner decorista proud, and bring that harvest season energy home for the holidays.

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