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Blog - painting with a purpose

Nothing feels better than giving back to the community, except maybe giving back while enjoying a painting event! When you join a Painting with a Purpose painting event, you’re not only supporting a local or regional charity; you’re also creating memories and art that can last a lifetime! Find out more about how you can help your local communities with Painting with a Purpose!

What is Painting with a Purpose?

Each month, Painting with a Twist studios all across the country host a Painting with a Purpose event. While these events may seem like other painting events, they are so much more! Each studio chooses a local or regional nonprofit to partner with when hosting their Painting with a Purpose event, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Habitat for Humanity, and the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation. These nonprofit partners work with the studio to choose artwork that best represents who the nonprofit is and what they do. Then, all that’s left is for you to sign up, show up, and wine down while painting beautiful artwork for a good cause!

At the end of a Painting with a Purpose painting event, a portion of the proceeds will go toward the nonprofit partner. And while each event may seem like a small act, these fun-filled painting events have already raised over 7 million dollars for nonprofits all over the country!

breast cancer awareness

Why Painting with a Purpose is Important to Us

You are the lifeblood of your community. Our Founders met giving back to their community and it’s been instilled in ALL of our studios across the country through Painting with a Purpose. It’s one of our core values! Whether you’re supporting small businesses or partaking in local events, you are helping your community flourish. And while your community needs you to survive, it also thrives on nonprofit organizations! In fact, many nonprofits exist solely to support the community around it. From building houses to putting meals in front of hungry children, there are many reasons why nonprofits are essential to local communities.

While there are many ways to give back to the community, partnering with local nonprofits allows us to broaden our impact through targeted efforts — not to mention we just love painting with you! When you attend a Painting with a Purpose painting event at your local studio, you can enjoy a fun evening of painting, sipping, and laughing with friends all while giving back to an organization that gives back to your community!

How Can I Nominate Local Charities Near Me?

You have an amazing charity or nonprofit organization near you. You see them doing good work all the time, but they admittedly could use a little extra support. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to let us know! Email your local Painting with a Twist studio and tell us all about your favorite nonprofit or charity in your area. We always love finding new ways to spread joy through a community!

Get Ready to Get Involved!

Does supporting a local charity while sipping on your favorite wine and painting a masterpiece sound exciting? We think so too! And it’s easy to do. Head to your local studio’s events listings and look for upcoming Painting with a Purpose events, or find an event in a community nearby to join the next closest Painting with a Purpose painting party. Giving back has never been so easy — or fun!

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