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Kids Camp

Kids Camp

Kids Camp with a Twist

Kids out of school and looking for something fun to occupy their time? Our kids camps offer painting fun for kids of all ages! Campers, guided by our artist entertainers, will create different art every day of camp. We’ll provide all the supplies so your kiddos can unleash their creative sides!

Kids Camps at Painting with a Twist

If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of finding child care during those not-so-convenient school breaks. Sure, you could send them to the same old camp they always go to for Spring Break or Summer Camp. Or you can win bonus points with your kids and send them to kids camp at Painting with a Twist!

Why Painting with a Twist is Great for Kids

Kids have imaginations and we put their creativity to great use! Our kids painting events let them explore art in a whole new way. It’s fun and with our patient and energetic artist guiding them step-by-step, they’ll be super impressed with what they can accomplish.

Our kids campers can jam out to their favorite kid tunes while they paint their masterpiece. We even pause for games and snacks to let loose and keep them energized! You can find a kids camp near you by clicking on an event below or contacting your local studio.

What to Bring to a Painting Kids Camp

That’s the beauty of our kids camps… you really only have to remember to bring your kid! We’ll supply the surfaces to paint on and all the painting supplies they need for the whole week. We’ll give them an apron to wear every day but it’s a good idea to put them in clothes you don’t mind messing up. Acrylic paint will wash off of skin (and hair) but not so much clothes! Better to be safe than sorry!

Sign Up for Kids Camp Near You

Whether it’s winter break, spring break or summer camp, our kids camps fill up FAST! Once you see our kids camps posted, you might want to snag a seat for your little before it’s too late. We have limited seating to make sure your kiddos have all the attention they need to complete their daily masterpieces! Contact your local studio to sign up for an upcoming kids camp!

Kids Camp
Kids Camp
Kids Camp
Kids Camp
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