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How to Throw an Empowering Goddess Party

You want to uplift your close girlfriend who’s launching her own company, moving into her own place, or having a baby soon. And hey, you can always use some quality time with like-minded women to boost your spirits, too. Whatever the reason, goddess parties are a creative and unique way to celebrate, empower, and inspire someone you love (and yourself!).

Want to throw your own goddess party but aren’t sure where to start? We have your back with plenty of goddess party ideas.

What’s a Goddess Party?

Simply put, a goddess party is an event where like-minded women come together to empower one another and celebrate their natural beauty, femininity, and strength.

But what happens at a goddess party? While you can choose what to include in your event, some common ideas include:

  • practicing self-love and self-care exercises
  • meditating together
  • practicing affirmations
  • setting up tarot card readings
  • talking about your dreams for the future and setting goals
  • remembering and acknowledging past achievements and milestones
  • awakening the senses with sounds, tastes, and smells

As you may have guessed, a goddess party doesn’t have to have a particular structure. If a specific activity or idea empowers women in your life (and lifts you up, too), include it in your goddess party.

When to Throw a Goddess Party

Goddess parties can be a fantastic way to offer extra support to a friend who’s experiencing a significant life change, and they’re a unique alternative to traditional birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or even baby showers. But truthfully, you don’t need a particular occasion to host one! A goddess party allows women to come together, practice self-care, set goals, and enjoy each other’s company and positive energy. Last time we checked, you don’t need a special occasion to do that!

Goddess Party Activities

So, what do you do at a goddess party? Check out the list above for some general ideas to get you started. Incorporate any activity you associate with deep self-care, like mindfulness meditations, moon cycle rituals, or even spiritually-based ceremonies.

Pro tip: You may be able to find a local life coach, meditation teacher, or spiritual guide to help with these activities!

Set aside time for structured activities too! Think yoga, goal-setting, or crafting. Or, keep things organic with a list of talking prompts designed to help your loved ones receive and offer support. Here are a few ideas for conversation topics:

  • Talk about recent accomplishments you’re proud of
  • Discuss things you’re grateful for
  • Identify and acknowledge something you’re excited about or afraid of right now

Whatever you plan, center your activities around empowering yourself and providing opportunities for your girlfriends to uplift one another. Ask your fellow goddesses for input, and focus on activities that can clear your mind, ground your spirit, and care for your body.

Goddess Party Decorations and Food

Your goddess party should awaken the senses— all five of them! Amp up the feminine vibes with flowers and soft lighting from lamps or hanging lanterns, and diffuse your favorite essential oil or candle to add fragrance.

Delight your taste buds with comforting, nourishing foods like fresh fruits, veggies, and a green goddess spring salad. Then, sprinkle in a few delicious and refreshing drink options like fruity sangrias or calming teas.

As for the sense of touch, give your guests plenty of soft and cozy throw blankets and pillows if you’re hosting your party at home, or plan a hands-on craft or zen painting activity to boost the sensory experience of your goddess party.

What to Wear to a Goddess Party

Even though goddess parties are meant to celebrate the natural beauty of your mind, body, and soul, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your outward appearance, too. Everyone in your goddess circle could choose to dress like your favorite Greek goddess, or you can keep things open to interpretation and wear anything that makes you feel like the strong and beautiful woman you are. Whether that’s comfy lounge pants or a floor-length gown and flower crown, you and your fellow goddesses have the power to choose.

How to Throw a Goddess Party Everyone Will Love

Every milestone (and really, every DAY!) in a woman’s life is worthy of celebration. What better way to empower your loved ones — and yourself — than a goddess party with a dose of creativity?

Check out the calendar at your local Painting With a Twist studio and book a diva painting event where you and your ladies can embrace your inner beauty and strength! Celebrate womanhood and create memories together when you gather up your girls for a private paint event.

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