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The Zen Collection

Your Escape Awaits with Our Zen Collection

Breathe in… and out…Leave your stress behind and join us for our Zen Collection painting events. It’s safe to say we could all use a little relaxation in our lives. Our Zen Collection events incorporate calming paintings with soothing music and artist instruction for the ultimate Zen-inspired relaxation experience. We’ve answered a few questions about our Zen Collection events below! Ready to find your Zen?

1. What can I expect at a Zen Collection painting event?

First and foremost, you can expect a relaxing experience! We will play soothing music to help set the mood for the event and our artists (makeshift Zen Masters!) will guide you step-by-step in creating your own Zen-inspired masterpiece. Whether it’s a calming seascape or yoga-inspired painting, we know you’ll find some inner peace! You may even get to experience some guided meditation and breathing exercises throughout for the ultimate relaxation event.

2. Are there therapeutic benefits of painting?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in providing a carefree escape to our guests. Our Zen Collection aims to provide that escape in a brand new way. Painting has been known to reduce stress, promote positive thinking, minimize anxiety and even reduce blood pressure! With our Zen-inspired painting events we’re taking it a step further by adding some calming music and meditation practices!

3. Do I need prior meditation experience?

Not at all. In the same way you don’t need painting experience to create a beautiful painting with us, you absolutely do not need any meditation or yoga experience to enjoy this relaxing experience. We’ll walk you step-by-step through relaxing your mind, body and spirit and we promise, you’ll have some fun in the process!

It’s time for a creative release! Get into a studio and out of your head with a little Zen-spiration. Book a Zen Collection event today!

The Zen Collection
The Zen Collection
The Zen Collection
The Zen Collection
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