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Ready to Embrace Fall Vibes? Here Are 6 Ways to Get Into the Autumn Spirit

Football is on, the temperatures are dipping, and Halloween décor is on the shelves. Yes — fall is back! If you’re having a hard time getting into the autumn spirit after sunny summer days, use these 6 tips.

1. Make Seasonal Swaps

Wondering how to get into the fall mood? Start by making a few swaps in your home environment. From your closet to your kitchen, making a few simple exchanges could be all you need to jumpstart autumn vibes.

Stash away your bikinis and board shorts in favor of cozy cashmere crewnecks. Take stock of your closet and donate items you no longer love. Then, push your summer items to the back and organize your drawers to make space for your fall favorites.

This season is all about snuggling up and settling in. Create the perfect place to nest and rest by replacing your light summer quilt and sheet set with a plush-down comforter and flannel sheets.

The swaps don’t stop there! Scent is one of your most powerful memory triggers. If you’re looking to get into the fall spirit, now’s the time to start reaching for fall-inspired flavors and scents — think pumpkin spice, cinnamon, warm vanilla, or crisp apple. Pull out your favorite fall recipes and enjoy the tastes and textures of the season. You’ll be feeling all the fall warm-and-cozies in no time.

2. Cocoon Your Home

Summer brings with it sunscreen-soaked days capped off by late-night barbecues. Or, perhaps, shuttling the kids to and from activities. But after the summer pool days and beach escapades subside, it’s time to prepare for a seasonal transformation. But how exactly can you get in the fall mood and prepare for the changing of the seasons?

Stary by cocooning your home. In nature, a cocoon is a safe environment that can provide comfort and isolation — all while providing its inhabitant with the proper conditions for transformation.

You can create your own cocoon at home by embracing cozy blankets, dreamy mood lighting, meditative sounds, stress-relieving scents, or familiar flavors. Essentially, you’ll need to gather everything that gives you “feel-good vibes” and turn your space into the ideal place for a little R&R. After all, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season will be here before you know it!

3. Embrace Warm Fall Hues

Once the leaves start changing color, it’s time for your seasonal decor and wardrobe to follow suit. Get in touch with the shifting seasons by adorning your home — and yourself — with a fall-inspired color palette. Shy away from crisp high-saturation shades and embrace muted earthy hues that mimic your surroundings. Not sure where to start? Popular fall shades include burnt pumpkin orange, cinnamon red, marigold yellow, moss greens, and chocolate brown.

4. Go “Back to School Shopping”

Remember the excitement of picking out a new backpack ahead of the start of classes? Or determining which color folder best matches each subject? Get excited about the fall season by taking advantage of seasonal sales and embracing the concept of back-to-school shopping — even if your days in the classroom are far behind you.

Channel your inner child and reward yourself with a handful of new fall clothing items, new home office supplies, a new lunchbox or work bag. Don’t need to stock up on fall essentials? Treat yourself with new hobby supplies or a few self-care items. (We won’t judge if you can’t resist picking up a few pieces of Halloween decor, either.) With your new goods in hand, you’ll be motivated and excited to take on the cooler weather and shorter days ahead.

5. Form a Few Fall Checklists

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as striking through one of your “to-dos.” So, why not get organized and prepare for the season ahead by compiling a fall checklist (or three)?

Fall Maintenance

Start by outlining any home maintenance tasks you’ll need to complete this fall. For example, you may need to prepare your home for cooler weather by cleaning the gutters, swapping out your air filters, planting bulbs in the garden, closing up the pool, or purchasing mothballs for your closet.

Holiday Prep

Whether you’re preparing to entertain in your home or head off on a cross-country road trip to visit family, the holidays will sneak up faster than you think. Create a list of those you need to buy holiday gifts for early and start shopping now. The earlier you start, the easier it’ll be on your wallet and your nerves — nobody likes the pressure of completing a last-minute gift run. If you’re planning on hosting, make a list of your must-have ingredients and anything else you think you’ll need, whether that be décor, extra flatware, or the perfect fall place settings and tablescape décor.

Fall Fun

Not all fall checklists have to be so practical. Plan out all the fun things you’re hoping to accomplish this autumn and outline them in a checklist! Perhaps you want to head out for a cool fall-weather hike in the woods, plan a bonfire with friends, visit your local orchard for apple picking, don lederhosen at an Oktoberfest celebration, or cheer on your alma mater at a football game. Outlining and prioritizing your favorite fall activities is sure to get you in the autumn spirit — and ensure you don’t miss out on all the fun and festivities.

6. Set Your Seasonal Intentions & Goals

Each season presents a new opportunity to embrace change — and to create the life you desire. Spend some time setting goals and thinking about what you’d like to accomplish this autumn, whether that’s learning how to code, getting in an extra 10 minutes of stretching in the evening, saving cash by cooking rather than ordering out, or by honing your creativity in a painting event.

The start of a new season is the perfect time to dream big and create goals for yourself in all areas of your life: both professional and personal. No matter what intentions you’ve set for this season, you can use the SMART goal method (that means creating goals that are sustainable, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely) to pave a path towards success. With your new goals in place — and a plan for how to get from point A to B — you’ll step confidently into autumn.

Get Fall-Ready With Painting with a Twist

It’s time to spice up your creative side! Head into your local Painting with a Twist to create a one-of-a-kind piece of autumn-inspired decor and strengthen your creative abilities. Gather your nearest and dearest or make new friends at one of our fall painting events. Under the guidance of one of our talented instructors, you’ll paint, sip, and enjoy the ultimate autumn experience, all while creating an art piece that adds to the fall aesthetic of your home.

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