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4 Top Baecation Destinations to Enjoy this Spring

Spring is here, and you’re ready to get out of the house and escape the mundane! If you and your partner are itching for breathtaking views and scenic locales, it’s time to plan a “baecation!” Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just looking to escape the daily grind, check out these fantastic baecation destinations for a relaxing time with your boo.

What’s the Meaning of “Baecation,” Anyway?

Simply put, a baecation is a romantic vacation with your significant other. And since fitting date night into your busy schedules can prove challenging, enjoying an intimate getaway may be just the thing you need to fan the flames of your relationship!

So, what are the best places for a baecation? Read on to get inspired and choose the perfect destination for you and your boo.

The Best Baecation Spots for Adventurous Couples

1. Yosemite National Park, California

You and your partner want a baecation destination full of exploration and adventure. The answer — Yosemite National Park! With countless waterfalls, spectacular views, and all the lush hiking trails you could ever need, you’re sure to reconnect with your partner — and nature — at this gem of a national park.

2. Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

You’ve seen your share of soaring mountaintops, but you’re ready for something new. Why not go underground, and explore mystical caves and caverns, instead!

And if you’re looking for inexpensive baecation ideas, Mammoth Cave can help. Springtime is often their cheapest time of year, and you’ll also enjoy cool, relaxing temperatures since summer’s humidity doesn’t arrive until June. You can also extend your baecation by visiting Nashville or Louisville while you’re in the area. Both are a short drive from the park and offer food, music, and art scenes for an overall romantic experience.

The Best Places for a Baecation Full of Romance

3. Charleston, South Carolina

If you’re dreaming of old-fashioned charm and relaxed beach vibes, Charleston, South Carolina, can give you both. Enjoy gorgeous plantations (and their gardens, in full bloom!) by day, then take a sunset boat cruise from Charleston Harbor to wind down for the evening in style. Check out the Nathaniel Russell House or Middleton Place for historic tours — the rich history of this southern city only adds to the romantic vibes on your baecation!

4. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

There’s a reason all your favorite romance novels are set in Cape Cod! Slow down and enjoy each other’s company with a romantic baecation to this beachfront locale. Take in some spring sunshine on any of the area’s beaches, or get adventurous with a trip to a lighthouse. Highland Light, Nobska Point, and Chatham Lighthouses are all well-loved spots. Don’t forget to enjoy a romantic seafood dinner over a nice bottle of wine!

Inexpensive Baecation Ideas for Homebodies

If the thought of travel logistics has you in a chill, at-home baecation mood instead, you’re in luck! Your local Painting with a Twist Studio has everything you need for the perfect staycation. All you need is your boo, a bottle of wine, and a Couple’s Paint Night event! We’ll take care of the supplies, instructions, and positive vibes. Find a Couple’s Paint Night event near you, and get ready to make picture-perfect memories with the one you love.

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