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How to Create a Romantically Blissful At-Home Spa Day for You and Your S.O.

Are you looking for creative ways to spoil your significant other but don’t want another ordinary date night or a simple cozy night in? Get creative with a budget-friendly, romantic evening at home instead. Not sure where to begin? Fortunately, we have some fabulous tips on how to create a stay-at-home spa date night for your boo or beau!

Prepare Your Home Spa Kit

Before you dive into your couple’s at-home spa day (or night), you’ll need to stock up on a few things to make sure your spa is a success. Grab a few lavender, vanilla, or jasmine-scented candles to add an element of aromatherapy. You might want to select massage oils and bath soaks that incorporate similar or complementary scents to stay on theme. And don’t forget the snacks and libations. Chocolate treats and red wine are a must on any at-home spa day checklist.

Set the Mood

With your supplies in hand, it’s time for you and your partner to get in the right frame of mind to truly enjoy your spa night at home. Create a serene, romantic space by clearing out the clutter in the bedroom, bathroom, or living room — wherever you plan to enjoy one another’s company. Next, set the lights low by burning those candles you got earlier. Finally, put on your favorite romantic playlist, and get ready to relax.

Give and Receive a Massage

The core element of any spa day is, of course, a massage. Your own DIY couples spa day should be no exception. Not only are they an amazing way to relax, but you’ll also feel closer to your partner — physically and emotionally. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be professionals to experience the benefits of a couple’s massage. Watch a few step-by-step videos to start, and then prepare your space. Lay down a towel or blanket, grab some scented massage oil, and then get ready to work out those kinks and aches.

Soak Up the Romance

Once you’ve massaged the tension out of your muscles, draw a hot bath for your partner in the romantic glow of your previously lighted scented candles. Throw in a moisturizing bath bomb, or dissolve Epsom salts to melt away any stress they may have. To really kick up the romance, sprinkle some rose petals on the surface of the water. All that’s left to do is have them slide into the tub with a nice glass of wine. They’ll come back completely rejuvenated and excited for the next activity.

Put on Your Best Face with Couples’ Face Masks

Who said skincare had to be a solitary pursuit? Create your own DIY face masks with your S.O. to create a unique bonding experience — there are thousands of recipes available with a quick search. Or simply use some store-bought sheet masks. You’ll have glowing skin and a glowing relationship by night’s end.

Explore Your Artistic Side Together

If you want something to serve as a memento of your DIY couples spa day — other than the romantic memories and great skin — consider adding a painting session to your list of activities. Order Twist at Home Paint Kits from your local Painting with a Twist studio for that added, special touch of the “love hormone.”

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