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Creative Team Building Ideas That’ll Make You Rethink Your Work Life

Are you and your team tired of the usual team-building tasks? Switch up your office’s old routine, and try something new! With a little creativity, your team can start to make memories, form friendships, and look forward to work-related events. If you’re wondering what to do for some fresh team building activities, here are a few ways to start!

Trivia Night: Team Building Edition

You’ve probably attended a trivia night with friends and family before, but have you ever been to one with your coworkers? 

Trivia is an awesome way to learn more about your workmates than you ever thought you would! Your coworkers’ unique strengths and knowledge will shine through as your team collectively and competitively answers questions. 

What’s more, this activity can take place in many different spaces, which can make for a fun outing. Skip the search for the perfect trivia place, and bring your team to a trivia painting event at Painting with a Twist! With all sorts of trivia themes to choose from, you and your team are sure to enjoy the evening while creating their own themed work of art as a reminder of a night well spent. 

If you and your team like to enjoy a remote work environment, join a virtual Painting with a Twist trivia night. No matter where your team members are, the familiar and fun nature of this game is sure to please the crowd. Remember — the best team building games for adults are ones that your team would happily engage in on their own day off. 

Enjoy the Outdoors

Another effortless way to bond with your coworkers can be to simply get outside. Being out in nature can make us feel more relaxed, joyful, and open to connection, thus creating an ideal environment for team building.  

Team building outdoors can manifest through many types of activities. Plan a scavenger hunt, sports game, hike, or even a picturesque picnic — there are plenty of options!  Whatever you choose, this change in environment will help immensely in shifting everyone’s work mindset. Team building exercises for work are most successful when they take place outside of work!

Take a Tour

Happy hours are a pretty common concept when it comes to team building, but have you ever been on a happy hour tour? 

Instead of just grabbing drinks, take your team on a culinary adventure! Plan a pub crawl or a restaurant tour that features several stops. By having an exciting agenda, you’ll help keep the momentum going and your coworkers engaged. This can also allow your team to switch up their seats and mingle amongst themselves. At the end of the day, you can all compare your favorite dishes, drinks, and destinations!

Painting with a Twist Team Building Events 

A Painting with a Twist Team Building event is accessible to any work culture and provides a great way to integrate team building activities for all ages. Our events are led by professional artist-entertainers, allowing each member of your work family to kick back, relax, and create a beautiful piece of art.

Additionally, Painting with a Twist makes it easy to be an artist! All of the supplies, set-up, and clean-up are taken care of for your team. All you need to do is show up and express your creative talents — no skill level is required, just a willingness to have fun! Bond with your coworkers over the lighthearted expression of creating art, and you may even discover some hidden talents of your own! 

team building event

Painting with a Twist Virtual Events

In addition to in-person events, Painting with a Twist also offers virtual team building event options. These events follow the same structure as the studio events; however, they can take place anywhere with a computer present. Your coworkers can either sign on individually from home or gather at the office! 

Painting with a Twist carefully packages paint kits for your virtual event based on the painting you pick. You can either pick them up from your local studio or sign up in advance to have the paint kits shipped to each team member’s home. Whether you partake virtually or at one of Painting with a Twist’s studios, this work activity will definitely be one for the books.

Team Building Just Got Better

It’s time to bust the myth that team building can’t be fun! After all, a little imagination can go a long way, and your coworkers will appreciate your earnest effort to keep things interesting. Sign up for a Painting with a Twist team building event with your local studio, and witness the results of a team build that everyone truly enjoys!

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