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Low-Commitment Hobbies to Try This Spring That Aren’t Expensive

Spring is the time for new beginnings — and there’s no better way to begin anew than by finding yourself a new hobby! You don’t have to invest loads of time or money in finding something you love. In fact, some of the best hobbies to pick up this spring are inexpensive (or even free!). Check out these low-commitment spring hobbies you can enjoy on any budget.

Fun Spring Activities to Try

Container Gardening

Gardening is one of the best activities to do in the spring season! But if you don’t have a backyard for a massive garden or the time to care for one, that doesn’t mean you can’t test out your green thumb.

Container gardens are an easy way to grow herbs, vegetables, or flowers in a small space — like an apartment balcony or your front porch. Peppers, tomatoes, and cooking herbs are a great place to start if you want to grow your own food. Try your luck at starting plants from seeds or purchase plants that have already sprouted to increase your chances of success.


Maybe you were a reader as a kid but haven’t taken the time to read for pleasure lately. Or, perhaps you’ve never been a bookworm, but you want to learn a new skill or broaden your horizons. Either way, reading can be one of the best hobbies to pick up any time of year! A library card is usually free (or very cheap). Grab a book, find a local park with plenty of sunshine, and get lost in a storyline!

Knitting or Crochet

With the weather warming up, we’ll admit that making sweaters isn’t the first thing on anyone’s mind right now. But who says yarn crafting can’t be on your list of fun spring activities? Look at it this way — if you learn to knit now, you’ll have the rest of the year to make some awesome holiday gifts for your loved ones. For around $10, you can pick up yarn and needles from a local craft store, then consult YouTube for tutorials on how to get started.


We’ve all been there — winter has taken its toll on your mental health, and now you’re ready to venture out for some fun springtime activities. Yoga fits the bill! With free yoga videos from resources like Yoga with Adriene, you can try yoga without having to drop serious cash on studio classes. No mat? No problem. Just use a towel or a carpeted floor, and get your zen on. Better yet, take your practice outside and enjoy the mood-lifting spring air! Or combine relaxation techniques with painting at a Painting with a Twist Zen Event!

Painting at Painting with a Twist!

Spring has so much to offer in the way of bright colors and lovely sunshine. Sure, you could take up photography to capture the beauty of the changing seasons, but that can get pricey. Instead, try putting your spin on a springtime scene with paint and a canvas!

For much less than the cost of a fancy camera, capture some springtime magic and make memories at a painting event. At Painting with a Twist, we’ll provide all the supplies you need and even give you step-by-step instructions during your painting event, so there’s no pressure when picking up your paintbrush — or your new hobby! Relax and enjoy the spring vibes with friends and some wine at a painting event near you.

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