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Twist at Home

Experience Mother's Day at Painting with a Twist

Give Mom the gift of quality time with you this year for Mother's Day with a little paint, wine (or mimosas!) and fun. Our studios go above and beyond to make sure your time with Mom is special. Whether you join us in-studio or celebrate with Mom at home, we have a ton of options to help show your gratitude for the best Mom in the world.

What can I expect at a Mother's Day event?

Mother's Day is just around the corner and there's no better place to celebrate than at Painting with a Twist! Browse our fun Mother's Day events and choose the one that you think mom will love best. With wine (or your favorite beverage) in hand, you'll follow along with our artist-entertainer to complete your very own decor to hang in your house!

Are Mother's Day events held in-studio or virtually?

The short answer is: BOTH! Our studios are working hard to deliver a Painting with a Twist experience within the guidelines of their community. That experience may be virtual live events, in-studio events, private events, or even At-Home Paint Kits paired with our step-by-step video tutorials! No matter what experience you have with us, our artists will show you and your Mom a great time! Visit your studio's page for more information on the offerings available to you. Want the Twist experience shipped to your door? Visit our online store to purchase your supplies and reserve your video!

What type of surfaces do you offer for Mother's Day events?

When it comes to what you paint your beautiful painting on, we've got variety! Canvas is a beautiful, traditional medium to use for painting. It gives you a classic and timeless look for your piece of handmade art. Rustic vibes call for natural materials, and nothing beats the character of slatted wood. A custom wood board painting will fit in perfectly with a farmhouse or industrial décor style and offers you an exciting alternative to painting on canvas (that’s where the “twist” part comes in here at Painting with a Twist!).

No matter what art you choose or surface you paint on, you and your Mom are going to love what you walk away with!

Are studios hosting Mother's Day private parties?

Absolutely! Mother's Day is the perfect time to gather with your friends to celebrate your Moms together! With our private parties, you get to choose the painting and we'll provide everything your party guests need to paint their own artwork! Many of our studios are hosting virtual private parties this year to accommodate the unique circumstances! Whether your Mother's Day event is in-studio or virtual, we promise you'll make memories to last a lifetime.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day
Mother's Day
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