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Customer Rewards Program - Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the information below, please review the Terms & Conditions of the Customer Rewards Program.

How do I join the Painting with a Twist Customer Rewards Program?
Joining is easy. You will be presented with the option to create an account after you complete an online reservation, or you can visit the Paint Points account page to get started. Creating an account is free, and you will receive 5,000 Points just for joining!

Where can I update my personal information (address, phone number, and email address)?
You can update this information by going to the Paint Points account page and signing in.

How can I check my balance of Points?
When you sign in to the Paint Points account page, you will see a summary of your Total Points, as well as the number of Points you have available to redeem.

Do my Customer Rewards Points ever expire?
Yes, Customer Rewards points will expire after 24 months if there is no activity on your account.

Can I add another person to my Customer Rewards account?
No. Each Painting with a Twist Customer Rewards account is uniquely owned by each member.

How do I earn Points for my Customer Rewards account?
If you complete a reservation for an event while signed in to your Rewards account, you will earn 1 point for every $0.01 you spend. Points are not earned for any amount that is paid with a Complimentary credit, discount, or Rewards.

How long before I can redeem Points that I have earned?
Once you earn points, they are not available to redeem until after the event for which they were earned has ended.

How do I redeem my Points?
Points may be redeemed towards discounts on any event that is not a Painting with a Purpose event. If you sign in to your account when you are making a reservation, there is an area that will display your balance of available Points, as well as any Rewards that you are currently eligible to redeem. If you select a Reward to redeem and complete your reservation, those Points will then be deducted from your account.

Why I am not able to redeem any Rewards? I have earned X number of Points.
Your Points may not be available yet, or you may not have enough Points for any of the current Rewards.

Will I still get Points if I cancel or reschedule my reservation?
If you cancel some or all of the seats on your reservation, the Points earned will be recalculated to reflect the total amount spent on the reservation. If you reschedule your reservation for a different event, the date and time the points earned become available will reflect the end date and time of the new event.  

Can I transfer or gift my Points to a different account?
No. At this time we do not allow you to transfer your Points to any other accounts.

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