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Rebeca Flott Screen Art

Photo by Simone Severo,

Screen Art – DIY Wall Art Great for Indoor or Outdoor Décor!

Rebeca Flott Arts presents Screen Art - exclusively at Painting with a Twist! Experience this unique blend of mud paint on a beautiful, rustic wood framed screen.

We provide all of the tools to create your own painting. Screen Art paintings are a new twist on diy home décor and the perfect way to decorate the inside or outside of your home!

The Rebeca Flott Story

Growing up in South America, with very few resources made Rebeca look at things differently. Having a passion for creating, she started looking for alternative ways to paint and decorate. Rebeca's commitment to bring smiles and make a difference in the lives of others inspired her to create a unique type of "Screen Art." After teaching at a studio in Colorado and now owning her own franchise, Rebeca has brought her one-of-a-kind art to Painting with a Twist.

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