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Book a Painting Party

Complete the form below and we will respond ASAP. You can also text PARTY to (314) 727-7928. You can also text PARTY to (314) 727-7928

Here at Painting with a Twist, we LOVE to host private parties!

*Bachelorette Parties * Birthday Parties * Bridal Showers * Corporate Events * Holiday Celebrations * Kids' Parties * Team Building * Family Reunions * and more! You name it we can do it!

To book your party simply fill out the form below and request your date and time. We require a minimum of 15 for the majority of our time slots, however, our Saturday time slots require 25 or more painters. 

We have two party rooms and both are large enough to host up to 50 people. 

Parties must be booked at least two weeks ahead of time, and require a deposit that covers the first 6 seats. The cost per person is $40. Payment for the minimum number of seats (15 or 25) is due at least 7 days prior to your event. Hosting your special event privately allows you to have your own room, pick your painting, request an artist, and control the music. We will do our best to make sure that the artist you choose can host your event.

Submit the form below and please allow at least 1 business day to hear back from one of our studio managers.

Are you worried you won't be able to meet the minimum? Don't worry, we have lots of PUBLIC classes to choose from. Check out our public event calendar HERE.  

While making your reservations, have your guests put your first name or a code word (you choose) in the section that says "sitting with anyone else?" and we will take it from there. If you have 10 or more guests that sign up under your group name, we will make sure to give you the VIP treatment. If you have any question please feel free to ask.

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