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Book a Painting Party

Complete the form below and we will respond ASAP. You can also text PARTY to (719) 473-8663. You can also text PARTY to (719) 473-8663


Here at Painting With A Twist DOWNTOWN, we love to host in studio private parties & events too!

Untill further notice, all in-studio provate events have a 6 person minimum, and 14 person Max for our party room. ( 6 provides social distancing, any more than 6 & your group will be sat at closer proximity)

If your group requires social distancing or is more than 14, you will have to book your private event in our main studio, which comes with a 14 person minimum ( 16 for Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday)  & is subject to availability.  

Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, corporate events, holiday celebrations, kids' parties, and more!

We also host Offsite parties/events and come to you! We require a minimum of 10 participants to bring the pARTy to you. (please enquire for more info). 

To book your in-studio party we do require a deposit equivlant to (and also covers) Two seat reservations, at time of booking. 

In-studio parties must be booked at least 1 week ahead of time (but we may be able to handle exceptions with shorter notice)

Our cancellation policy requires a 7 day notice for any change/reschedule considerations. No exceptions.  


Want to Book a VIRTUAL PAINT pARTy

During these challenging times, we understand the need to connect with friends and family now more than ever! We are temporaraly offering Virtual Paint Parties with a lower minimum, lower prices and a LOT more Fun! 

To complete your booking, simply reply back with the following info;
  • Your Name
  • Phone Number (textable number please, we use text to communicate a lot) 
  • Date & Time you would like to have your party. (Must be at least 3 days out if paint kits are needed)
  • How many people? 
  • In the Notes- How many ACCESS ONLY $15 Guests & How many Paint Kit $35 (free contactless delivery, they must live in Colorado Springs) Each guest will be able to register and pay for themselves. (Or we can bill you directly for your entire party if you prefer)
  • We use either Facebook Live VIP Group or ZOOM Online meeting platform (Your Choice). We will included easy to follow instructions for your guests to gain access. Please choose a name for your pARTy Example: "Ambers Awesome Paint pARTy" ...Be as creative as you like! :) 
No Contract needed, BUT we do require one kit purchase/deposit ($35) to secure your party and gain access to our 9000+ painting selections. All guests purchasing kits MUST be registered no later than 3 days out from your scheduled party. Access Only guests will be able to register up-to 30min prior to your party start time. If guest join that have not registered, they will be booted.
Other Fun Things To Note;
  • For guests 21+ purchasing kits, we are also able to sell bottles of our House Wine. Price is $14 per bottle. Canyon Road Brand; Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet & White Zin. (billed seperatly through a secure email/invoice) 
  • We can add GLOW Paint for an extra fun kick towards the end of the party. ($2 per kit) 
  • We can add several different canvas/surface options including XL canvas & Wood surfaces! (prices very) 
  • Upto 3hours for your party (even if you're not painting the entire 3hours! (add a social happy hour before you start, dance break in the middle, chit chat at the end... whatever you want!) 
  • All special accomidations/ requests will be considered!
**Once we recieve your deposit you will be able to choose your painting and send your invites!
Thank you for choosing us, we're looking forward to virtually pARTying with you! 

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