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Have you tried another Painting Class in Colorado Springs?

At Painting With a Twist we know there are LOTS of options for painting classes in Colorado Springs. That's why we work hard to separate ourselves from the rest! We offer NEW and ORIGINAL art every month plus you can choose which type of surface you want to paint on! We have wooden boards, shiplap boards, tall canvases, regular canvases and more. Once you enter the West Studio in Colorado Springs you'll be overwhelmed with all of the amazing art on the walls. Plus, our super talented artists will teach you new creative techniques to make your painting stand out from the rest. It's so increduble to see a class of 30 people, all painting the same thing, but at the end of the class every single painting looks unique! Also- if you ever want to make changes and use different colors or different brushes than the ones suggested to you- we LOVE that! You can customiz your artwork as much or as little as you like. In fact, you don't even have to paint what the teacher is teaching! You are ALWAYS welcome to paint whatever you want- go rogue! We do offer a class called Open Studio which is designed solely for people who want to paint their own thing- but you're never limited to just that class. We love seeing creativity in action- that's how you HELP us to be the best painting class in Colorado Springs! So please, come stop by the studio and share your creativity with us! We'll help you, you can help us- it's a win-win!

Painting With a Twist, Colorado Springs West

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Best Paint Night in Colorado Springs and More!

If you thought Painting With a Twist was JUST about Painting- well think again! Our Colorado Spring West Studio and our Colorado Springs North Studio now offers painting on wood boards, crafting and rustic embellishments to your already beautiful paintings. Make sure you check out our Fall artwork. We will be showcasing Aspen Trees, rustic paintings and AWESOME twine and ribbons that will make your paintings really stand out. We were voted "Best Paint Night in Town" by the Colorado Springs Gazette for a reason! You'll be able to choose from an amazing line or art specially designed for the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Woth these new "spaces" you can combine multiple canvases to create one big wall of art that all flows together seamlessly. Then, if you add some twine, lights or just a little glittery embellishments you will have the most beautiful house in town. Watch out Parade of Homes! We hope to see you soon- keep an eye on our calendar for paintings you like and then just ask your artist what sort of extra goodies you can add to make it really shine! And, as always, tell them Laura sent you for a free drink!


Best Paint Night in Colorado Springs

Category: Decor and Design

Fun things to do in Colorado Springs this summer!

It's hot. You've been to the pool and you can't sit through any more movies. Perhaps you've run out of ideas for things to do on a summer night in Colorado Springs. Well, fear not! The Garden of the Gods Painting With a Twist Studio has the answer for you. Step inside a world filled with art, music, wine and fun. You can scroll through our calendar and pick the painting you like- or just email ( us and we'll try to schedule something specific just for you! If you've never been- or never picked up a paintbrush- don't worry! That's our specialty! We have AMAZING artists who will teach you step by step how to create whatever masterpiece you're painting that night. We supply everything you need- you just have to show up. And, of course, should you want to spice it up with some beer or wine, we've got that covered for you too! It's a night you will always remember and you'll walk away with a piece of art to show off to your friends and family. Try something new! Come on our and visit us in our BRAND NEW West location- tell them LAURA sent you and you'll get a free drink! We can't wait to paint with you!

Colorado Springs West Painting Class

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