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Painting With a Twist in Colorado Springs

Painting With a Twist in Colorado Springs: Can you do it? 


We hear it all the time “I’m a terrible artist”, “I can’t paint” and even “I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since Kindergarten!”. Almost every single one of our guests thinks they won’t be able to do it, that their painting will come out horrible or they won’t have fun. And yet- every night we teach people with that same mindset and EVERY night we watch as our customers leave with smiles on their faces!


We specialize in making FUN art not FINE art. What that means to you is that we make is SUPER EASY for you to paint something that you’re proud of! Even more than that, we make it SUPER EASY to have FUN! You’d be surprised to find out just how relaxing and enjoyable it is to slide some paint across a canvas- while sipping some wine or even just a soda. Our professional, local artists are trained to break down each painting into simple to recreate steps. We show you every little detail and how to do it. We also walk around and help as much (or as little) as you need! Beyond that we play GREAT music that you’ll find yourself singing along to. We play silly games and give away prizes.


For the more difficult paintings (and for the kids classes) we offer stencils to help you trace difficult to draw shapes. Things like horses, shoes and cars can be tough to draw free-hand- but we know that! So we create simple stencils for you before class that you can trace with chalk onto your canvas. Perfect circles are also tough to get right so we trace those as well. We WANT your painting to come out great, we WANT you to have FUN! We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure those 2 things happen.


We also offer a FREE follow up class (which is optional) for those of you that might need extra time or if you just want to come back a make a few tweaks. In fact, you can go to any Painting With a Twist studio nationwide for the S.O.S. class. It’s free and we’ll get you all set up with the right brushes and paints to make your painting the masterpiece that you want it to be! Just check our calendar for the S.O.S. class- it’s usually paired with our Open Studio class. If you're in Colorado Springs you can also go to the NORTH Studio


If you’re like most of our customers you’re probably nervous. Everybody is. Take those nerves and transform them into FUN! Trust us, we're experts in FUN. 

Painting With a Twist Colorado Springs

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