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Paint, Sip Wine, Have Fun at our Colorado Springs, CO Studio

Painting With a Twist is about MORE than just painting. In fact, we get asked all the time, "What's the Twist?". Well, the TWIST is many different things! Here's just a few:


1) The TWIST could be alcohol! We offer 10 different varieties of wine and 7 different types of beer. We specialize in local craft brews. Of course, you don't HAVE to indulge in adult beverages. In fact, we have lots of kids parties where clearly no alcohol is served. We also frequently offer drink specials. Keep an eye on our calendar for "Free Drink Fridays" and "$2 Tuesdays". Having a glass of wine or beer helps loosen people up sometimes. It gets your out of your overly-critical head space and lets you relax a bit. If alcohol isn't your thing the don't worry! We have lots of other ways to loosen you up. We play games, dance and sometimes even practice a little Yoga to get you ready to paint your masterpiece.

Paint & Sip

2) The TWIST could be our MUSIC! We carefully curate our playlists to make sure your head is bopping and you are singing along all night long. We know people have the MOST fun when they know the words to a sing and they can lean over to their friends and shout out a tune. This is why you wont hear that new Indy band that nobody's ever heard of. You'll hear time-tested FUN hits that we all love. Plus- if you're hosting a Private Party you are welcome to bring your own playlist or just tell us what kind of music you like! Our goal is for you to have fun so we pride ouselves on bending over backwards to make that happen. Music is a key element in our clases! Click here if you have more questions about Private Parties. 

Painting & Music

3) The TWIST could be the surface! Other Paint & Sip Studios just let you paint on a canvas. We offer you MUCH MORE! You can paint on canvases of many different sizes. You can paint on thick, wooden plank boards (great for that rustic look we all love right now). You can paint on shiplap pallets, wine glasses, and more. When you arrive at our studio we have a wall called "Pick Your Product". You can select from any surface on that wall or, if you know ahead of time, you can make your surface selection when you are registering. Either way, we want you to feel free to be able to customize your artwork however you like. In fact, you can even paint anything you like! Don't feel obligated to go with whatever the teacher is painting! We welcome you to mix it up, choose different colors and just go rogue! After all, it's YOUR 2 hours and we want you to have FUN!

Painting With a Twist Wood Boards

So, the moral of the story is- Painting With a Twist is all about FUN art, not FINE art- and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you have the best painting class ever! Even if it means getting up on the stage and doing...THE TWIST!


So give us a call today at 719-358-7758, CONTACT US HERE or just click on our CALENDAR to see when you want to come out and TWIST with us!


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