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Douglasville, Get Ready for The Painting With a Twist Experience

Attention all Douglasville and West Georgia Residents: Painting With a Twist is COMING SOON! That's right, in Spring 2020, Painting With a Twist will open one of its newest studios in Douglas Corner, off of Highway 5. Douglasville is a wonderful, hybrid city. Located outside the Atlanta city limits, its a great area with a real community feel, but it still has a rather active life of its own as well. As amazing as it is, Douglasville is currently lacking in the entertainment department. Aside from Arbor Place Mall, Thunderzone Bowling and Escape USA, there simply isn't a lot to do in the local area. This often forces residents to travel to Atlanta for an evening of fun. Well we're changing that! The Douglasville Painting With a Twist studio will allow residents to come have a fun, relaxing time, with family, friends, significant others, and coworkers. With themed nights and great art work to choose from, Painting With a Twist will become a major go-to spot for fun in the area. Not only will this be a great new addition to the city of Douglasville, but it'll be great for the entire West Georgia area as well. So if you live in Villa Rica, Hiram, Powder Springs, take a short trip to Douglasville to have an awesome experience with us! Before the studio opens, you can get connected with us by liking and following us on Facebook and Instagram @twistdouglasville. Here you'll get to help us select some of our nightly themes and even some of the paintings we choose to do. For more information on the opening and other promotional insights, you can signup for our newsletter.

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