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5 Common Team Building Activity Mistakes That Throw a Wrench in Coworker Relationships

Team-building activities can be an opportunity for your staff to bond, connect, and learn how to work better together. Or, they can be a time that everyone dreads and remembers as a royal waste of time.

Planning a corporate team-building day or event? We’re here to help you steer clear of common event planning mistakes. Learn how to plan a corporate team-building event that’s engaging, inclusive, and memorable with these tips.

Corporate Team Building: Why It Matters

Maybe you already know how effective team-building events can be. Or perhaps you’re still asking, “Why is corporate team-building important?” The answer is simple: it brings your team closer together on a human level so they can work better together on a professional level. Plus, team-building helps break up the everyday routine of work to help everyone stay motivated, avoid burnout, and form valuable relationships.

In the long run, corporate team-building events can increase employee engagement, boost productivity, and improve company culture — all of which are a win-win for you AND your team members.

Team Building Gone Wrong: Event Planning Mistakes to Avoid

If you haven’t planned a team-building event since the days of trust fall exercises and high ropes courses, it’s time to change your approach. Learn how to avoid team-building mishaps and dodge these event planning no-nos.

1. Ignoring inclusivity.

It’s one thing to ask your team members to step out of their comfort zones for an activity they might not usually try. But things can get sticky — and fast — when you plan activities that go against legitimate limitations, like physical abilities and phobias.

As you work through the event planning process, ask for feedback from other team members (see #4!) to ensure that your big day won’t alienate anyone. Choose team-building games and activities that will allow your team’s diverse abilities to shine so that everyone leaves feeling empowered and encouraged.

2. Not dispersing cliques.

Nothing can turn your workplace into a drama zone like cliques gone wild. While it’s a great thing for your team members to have friends within the office, corporate team building days are a time for everyone to build new relationships— not retreat into the comfort of existing ones. Are you hosting a scavenger hunt or other competing events? Be sure to assign teams randomly, so everyone feels included.

3. Staying at the office.

Hosting a successful event for your team starts with a relaxed environment. And guess what? The office isn’t conducive for that, period. No matter how “chill” your company culture is, your team likely won’t be able to let their guard down as long as they’re still within the four walls of the office (or their home office, if you have a remote culture).

If possible, host your event at an offsite location where everyone can meet in person. If that’s not feasible, utilize social media and real-time activities via video conference to create a feeling of togetherness, even when there’s physical distance between team members.

4. Not asking for help and input.

When it comes to corporate team-building events, the “team” part should start from day one. Having one person plan everything (on top of their regular job duties!) is not only exhausting for that person— it could lead to a disorganized disaster.

Ask for your team’s input on activity preferences. You might be surprised by the creative team-building activity ideas your staff can come up with, and everyone will have more buy-in for the event if they’ve had a say in the plan. Got a big team to host? Consider hiring an event planner to help ensure the big day goes smoothly and provides value for all involved.

5. Hosting only one team-building event per year.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, make it a priority to host team-building events throughout the year. One big day per year might not be enough to keep employee engagement up, but planning several events can provide multiple opportunities for constructive breaks.

Besides, you’d hate for someone to miss out if they’re out of town or unable to make your ONE event (Remember that inclusivity bit?). It’s always a good idea to plan a special event for your team around the holidays, but don’t stop there! Keep the team-building spirit going all year long with quarterly or even monthly events.

How to Plan a Team-Building Day The Easy Way

Finding a venue and planning activities for your corporate event takes a lot of time and energy, but you’d rather skip to the fun part! Your local Painting With a Twist studio is your one-stop shop for your next team-building event.

We’ll set up the room, provide supplies, and give you and your team the instruction and tools you need to create a fun piece of art while you connect and bond. What are you waiting for? Plan your corporate paint party today and give your team the day they deserve. Simply Text PARTY to 812.437.7788 or click on the link

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