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Plan a fun-filled night out of the ordinary. Sip. Socialize. Create!

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Get the gang together. There’s always something fun happening at Painting with a Twist.

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Tuesday - Open Studio - Ltd Seats; Soc Distancing

Open Studio - Ltd Seats; Soc Distancing $37-$39

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Wednesday - Love Surf at Sunset - 2-1/2 hrs on 5/15/2020

Love Surf at Sunset - 2-1/2 hrs on 5/15/2020 $42

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Wednesday - *Family Fun* The Child!

*Family Fun* The Child! $37

Create some Colorful memories

Girls Night Out

Girls Night

Sick of the bar scene? Gather your best girls for an unforgettable night with paint, wine & lots of laughs.

Date Night

Date Night

Skip dinner & and movie! Rekindle the spontaneity with a paint date with your partner.

Trivia Night

Trivia Night

From wizards and zombies to space nights and 90s coffeehouse trivia, you can find a theme night you and your friends will love. Cheers to a little friendly competition!

Paint Your Pet

Paint Your Pet

Your furry (or scaly) friends deserve some love, too! Turn your pet’s photo into a portrait with step-by-step instruction from our amazing artists.

Planning an event?

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Wanna plan some fun?

If you can think it, we can create it!
At Painting with a Twist, the fun is endless.

  • 300 locations
  • 1,500 Artists
  • 15,000 Unique painting events

Colorful Ideas

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Art Is In The Eye of the Beholder -- But What Does That Mean?

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