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We got your bachelorette party, right here . . . . . . yeah seriously.   We know.  We know.  You and many others are stressing over what to do for the bride-to-be.  Whether she is easy-going, picky or a bridezilla it's your job to make this event memorable.  Hey -- memorable does not equal stressful.  Got it?  You don't have to jump through hoops or make yourself nuts.  In fact, the less stressful you make the whole process the more fun everyone will have ... Read More

Here are our TOP 3 choices for Valentines Day F-U-N at the NJ Bayshore.  Each choice stands alone but for an absolutely memorable Valentine's experience we recommend combining all 3.  Make a day of it!  What counts is spending time together.   1. Release the tension of the work week with some axe throwing Let's be honest -- you probably wanted to say a few words to a few people during the work week, but you held your tongue because you're a professional.  Tim ... Read More

You have probably experienced an "I don't see it" moment.  Someone you're with LOVES a sofa, a dress or a house and you're like, "Huh?  What am I missing?" Well, we're all unique and we all think somewhat differently.  Some of us are analytical.  Some of us go with our gut.                                                           ... Read More

Valentine's Day arrives this coming Friday!  Are you ready?                                                     Or do you WANT to be ready, but is work getting in the way?  Maybe you need some ideas -- something to ease the pressure. This is our list of FIVE FUN FLIRTY things to do to turn this year's Valentines Weekend into a lasting, memorable experien ... Read More

This "Leap Month" Take A Leap into F U N at our Holmdel Studio Our February calendar was released a couple of weeks ago but we've tweaked it a bit since and would love for your to check it out fully right HERE. Meanwhile here is a little visual preview to get your creative energies flowing.  Book seats with friends, bring along some wine & snacks and just have FUN!   The warmth of friends and family can easily chase away the chill that comes with February.   And ... Read More

As a neutral party in the battle between the light and dark sides, we have agreed to refrain from publicly displaying the image of painting you are invited to recreate with us as you enjoy some mind-jostling trivia questions.  Do you wish to see the painting and to book seats?  There are two ways to accomplish that.  The first is to use the Force.  That's right.  Clear your mind and focus on the painting.  You should gradually envision an image and see your handhel ... Read More

Oh.  My.  Cupcake! Take your cupcakes to the next level with the best home made buttercream frosting you have ever whipped up in a bowl.  Our friend Christine Vienna, who you may have seen on The Food Network, is sharing her confectionary secrets.  Check out her YouTube video we posted to our Facebook page below.   And while you're at it, subscribe to Christine's channel and our Facebook page so that you are always kept current on what Christine and Painting With A ... Read More

  Gather the Gang for Festive Fall Fun We have the perfect solution to a weekday/weeknight fun outing -- our VIP Table option! Here's how it works: Submit a private party request but indicate that you want a VIP table Guarantee at least 6 seats -- perfect if you are not sure how many will actually attend.  Six is the minimum but you can have a lot more attend. Pick the date and time (subject to availability) Pick the painting! We open up the event to the public -- ... Read More

The Break You Need Tell us about it!  It's a race between weekdays and weekends.  Which will wear you out first? Weekdays:  Kids, School, Commute, Work, Commute, Kids Sports, Cook, Housework, Collapse Weekdays:  Kids Sports, Kids Sports, Kids Sports, Kids Sports, Kids Sports, Shopping, Laundry, Yard Work, Cook, Housework, Collapse What . . . About . . . You? It's not that you want to slow down, but rather that you NEEEEED to slow down . . . just for a bit. Yeah, you do. ... Read More

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