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Myrtle Beach, SC Painting with a Twist Blog

Looking for ways to escape not only the heat, but the ho hum of your everyday routine for just a day.  Well here are 5 ideas to do right here in the Myrtle Beach area! 1.  The obvious one - go to the beach!  Grab your swim suit, blanket and umbrella, your favorite keep cool beverage, a few snacks and a great summer book to read!  May we suggest Jennifer Weiner's That Summer published by Simon & Schuster. 2.  Visit Duplin Winery  in North Myrtle Beach for ... Read More

Summer break is upon us and we are all wondering what to do with the kiddos to get them OUT of the house and AWAY from the screen (as they have spent waaay too much time in front of one lately).  Well we here at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach have some ideas for you! Pick Your own....whatever...  Find a You Pick Farm and pick some fresh peas, strawberries, blueberries, beans then take them home and let the kiddos make a meal with them!  Don't be surprised if your kidd ... Read More

Well Mother's Day 2021 is just around the corner and if you are like the typical person you are probably wondering what Mom wants for Mother's Day.  Well we're here to give you a few ideas! 1.  FOOD - that's right, Food! Mom likes to eat.  Taking her out to dinner is great, breakfast or brunch, sure thing.  But the thing Mom really wants is her own stash of her favorite food be that chocolate, tea, giant cinnamon rolls, boozy ice cream, wine or cookies! In other words, she w ... Read More

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Here at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach we're saying YES to the MESS!  Paint Pours have arrived.  For those of you who "can't draw a straight line" or "can't draw a stick figure" this event is for you!  If you can pour a cup of coffee or a glass of wine then you too can create a beautiful and unique piece of artwork by pouring paint.  We offer a variety of sizes: (2) 8x10, (2) 11x14, (1) 16x20 or (1) 10x30 canvas AND four (4) different pour techniques - the dirty pour, ... Read More

Everyone asks us, " What is your most popular event?"  The answer to that is easy, our Paint Your Pet events!  Whether your a mama (or a papa) to a fur baby, one with wings or one that slithers and crawls, we paint them all.  With Spring just around the corner why not add a touch of whimsy with a cute Flower Crown for your dog, cat, puppy, kitten, horse or pig?  Events at our Jason Blvd location here in Myrtle Beach have limited seating and the next one is just around the cor ... Read More

  Twist Kids Spring Break and Summer Camps are Out of the World Fun! Are you kids tired of virtual school?  Looking to spend some in person time with kids their own age?  Their friends?  Someone, anyone that is a real live person?!  Check out all the FUN we have planned for your munchkins Age 5-12 at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach's Twist Kids Spring Break and Summer Camps!  All of our camps are LIMITED to 12 campers.  This total includes our week long ... Read More

Still looking to keep things safe for Valentine's Day 2021?  Why not pick up one of our "My Valetine's" Twist at Home Date Night kits?  Find one of our FANTASTIC Date Night Paintings from our At Home Kits page, choose the My Valentine option and get ready to Twist at Home!  Each kit comes with everything you need for your Valentine Day Paint Night!  May we recommend fan favorites of A Flawless Couple, Cocktail Royalty or Queenie and King Me?  Prefer a live artist?  ... Read More

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Valentine's Day 2021

Hello Twisters!  Valentine's Day 2021 is upon us and as always many of us are wondering what to do, especially THIS year amongst all the crazy!  Look no further we have 3 GREAT ideas to help you celebrate your love this year! 1. A Romantic Dinner - yes, this is tried and true, but put a little Twist in it this year - instead of going out to a restaurant try making a recipe with your sweetie off of your favorite cooking show.  Not feeling that talented, look for a pre made kit in ... Read More

Try something new this Valentine's Day and join us here at Painting with a Twist! Come on down to try out one of our date night paintings for your romantic evening. We have them available surrounding Valentine's Day, not just the day of! Don't have a significant other? Don't worry about it! Grab your bestie and bring her along to celebrate Galentine's instead! Not ready to attend classes in person? We have something for that too. Purchase one of our date night take-home kits, complete with paint ... Read More


All About Our Owners

This weekend is Small Business weekend so we thought you might want to meet our owners Chris and Mike Heatherman!  Chris and Mike are high school sweethearts, born and raised in Western New York.  They are diehard Buffalo Bills fans and have been married for 33 years.  They are the proud parents of fraternal twin daughters.  Jessica who is an accountant and Amanda who is a video game designer.  Mike, by trade, is a Global Marketing and Sales Manager for ABB Inc and mainl ... Read More

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