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Myrtle Beach, SC Painting with a Twist Blog

  Twist Kids Spring Break and Summer Camps are Out of the World Fun! Are you kids tired of virtual school?  Looking to spend some in person time with kids their own age?  Their friends?  Someone, anyone that is a real live person?!  Check out all the FUN we have planned for your munchkins Age 5-12 at Painting with a Twist Myrtle Beach's Twist Kids Spring Break and Summer Camps!  All of our camps are LIMITED to 12 campers.  This total includes our week long ... Read More

Still looking to keep things safe for Valentine's Day 2021?  Why not pick up one of our "My Valetine's" Twist at Home Date Night kits?  Find one of our FANTASTIC Date Night Paintings from our At Home Kits page, choose the My Valentine option and get ready to Twist at Home!  Each kit comes with everything you need for your Valentine Day Paint Night!  May we recommend fan favorites of A Flawless Couple, Cocktail Royalty or Queenie and King Me?  Prefer a live artist?  ... Read More

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Valentine's Day 2021

Hello Twisters!  Valentine's Day 2021 is upon us and as always many of us are wondering what to do, especially THIS year amongst all the crazy!  Look no further we have 3 GREAT ideas to help you celebrate your love this year! 1. A Romantic Dinner - yes, this is tried and true, but put a little Twist in it this year - instead of going out to a restaurant try making a recipe with your sweetie off of your favorite cooking show.  Not feeling that talented, look for a pre made kit in ... Read More

Try something new this Valentine's Day and join us here at Painting with a Twist! Come on down to try out one of our date night paintings for your romantic evening. We have them available surrounding Valentine's Day, not just the day of! Don't have a significant other? Don't worry about it! Grab your bestie and bring her along to celebrate Galentine's instead! Not ready to attend classes in person? We have something for that too. Purchase one of our date night take-home kits, complete with paint ... Read More


All About Our Owners

This weekend is Small Business weekend so we thought you might want to meet our owners Chris and Mike Heatherman!  Chris and Mike are high school sweethearts, born and raised in Western New York.  They are diehard Buffalo Bills fans and have been married for 33 years.  They are the proud parents of fraternal twin daughters.  Jessica who is an accountant and Amanda who is a video game designer.  Mike, by trade, is a Global Marketing and Sales Manager for ABB Inc and mainl ... Read More

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5 Fun Holiday Party Ideas!

Are you drawing up a blank when it comes to the perfect holiday party this year? Need some ideas? We've got you covered! Here are 5 sure-fire ways to make your holiday party one to remember! 1. Stick with a theme! Have you been saving pages worth of Pinterest holiday party inspiration? Not sure how to nail that look? Start by choosing a theme and sticking to it! Too many ideas can make your party too chaotic. Want to go for an icy blue? Try some snowmen and penguins to match. Red and white? Go ... Read More

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4 Thing To Do this October

1. Enjoy a Scary Movie Marathon Invite all of your girlfriends - you know, your neighborhood withches - over to watch your favorite scary flicks together.  Can't decide between scarey gorey or fun and light hearted, check out this list of Halloween Classics - we're sure it will have something for everyone!   2.  Burst out your amazing Pumpkin or Apple recipes Fall is the time for all this Pumpkin and Apple of course!  Try this great crockpot recipe for Pumpkin soup, ... Read More

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Spruce UP Your Home

Spruce Up Your Home with These Front & Back Porch Ideas Maybe it’s all those home improvement shows you’ve been watching, or maybe Fall fever is starting to hit you. Either way, you’re itching to create a little curb appeal with your home’s outdoor spaces! After all, you’ve been stuck inside much of the year. It’s time to head outdoors and get your porch, patio, or balcony ready for the Fall and holiday season! Channel your inner decorator ... Read More

Just because we are "stuck" in Quarantine, or with the results of just coming out of Quarantine (limited seating/availability of things, social distancing etc), doesn't mean that we still can't celebrate our 2020 Graduates and all of their hard work!  No matter if your Grad graduated Kindergarten, the 8th grade or the two biggies, High School and College...this year's graduates worked the hardest to get their diplomas and move forward.  Now it's time to celebrate those accomplishments! ... Read More

Hello Twisters! All of your patience, and ours is finally paying off. We are currently open for PRIVATE PARTIES ONLY with a max of 10 guests! We are finishing the deep clean of the studio - just down to the windows (yuck!) and the counter tops at the check in area. All safety precautions are in place and we need to hang a few posters! When we re-open we will be limited to 10 guests AND we will still be offering Virtual events for those not yet comfortable coming out in public. YES, you will ... Read More

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