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What's Included in a Twist at Home Kit?

Inside your Twist at Home kit, you'll have everything you need to create your very own masterpiece including:

  • Choice of Surface - please note surface of art you are choosing and pick the surface size that is compatible:
    • 16x20 Canvas and 17.5x17 Square Wood Boards (art shown on either can be painted on either surface size)
    • 10x30 Long Canvas and 10x26 Long Wood Boards are compatible (art shown on either can be painted on either surface size)
    • Shiplap
    • PaintbrushesPaintStep-by-step instructions video complement (when applicable)


How can I receive my Twist at Home Kit?

We're currently offering our Twist at Home kits WEEKLY for pickup at our studio on FRIDAYS 5:30 to 8pm. 

On RARE occasions Kits can be picked up earlier but will be determined if staff is availble to be at the studio. Text the studio (682)888-7352

  • DEADLINE to register is noon on FRIDAYS for pickup that day. 

*16x20 canvas


*10x30 Canvas

Out of Stock

MDF Shiplap

Out of Stock

Tall wood board

Out of Stock

17.5 x 17 wood board


16 x 20 kit to be shipped


Party Pack - 5 kits


Party Pack - 12 kits


Disposable Easel and apron

Out of Stock

12x16 4 canvas kit


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