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Event Highlight

Bottle & Bottega Participates in 21st Annual Bunnies & Bonnets Parade

On Saturday, April 20th, Bottle & Bottega participated in the 21st Annual Bunnies and Bonnets Parade here in our neck of the neighborhood in downtown Campbell. Our team designed and constructed a float that was then paraded down the street along with marching bands, pugs dressed up in costumes, high school color-guards, the Chevy Club, and other local businesses, all in the spirit of spring and Easter. The Bunnies and Bonnets Parade was a great experience, and we enjoyed spending time and having fun with members of the community and small businesses around us.

At Bottle & Bottega Campbell, our goal is to help people discover the creativity inside of them, which is why we participate in events like the Bunnies and Bonnets Parade. To learn more about the painting projects we offer, call today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

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