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Why book a Painting Party?

It’s Fun Art, Not Fine Art!

Painting with a Twist is the most fun party idea in town— you get to paint and purchase any kind of beer, wine or non-alcoholic beverages and snacks. Find out for yourself why we were voted best “Paint and Sip” by Entrepreneur magazine’s annual Franchise 500 edition!

No Experience Needed

No artistic skill or painting experience is needed. Our artist will guide everyone to paint the same image, so each of your guests will get to take home their own completed work of art. It’s a built-in party favor!

No Extra Costs

There are absolutely no extra costs for hosting a private party. Everyone pays the same price as our public classes, and there are no hidden party fees. The host may opt to pay for multiple attendees, or attendees may pay for themselves online through your party's web page.

You Get to Pick the Painting

When you host a party, you get to pick the painting from our library of over 15,000 exclusive artworks! Everyone will paint the image you select.

No Mess, No Stress

Hosting a party with us is fun for everyone, including the host! We provide an artist instructor, painting materials, aprons, and a dedicated party management web page with customizable invitations you can print or email. Our doors open 30 minutes prior to your party time, so you may set up, socialize, and open gifts. We take care of the cleanup!

Fun for All Ages & Abilities

There aren’t many activities that children, teens, adults, and senior citizens all have the same amount of fun doing together, but we’ve seen it happen over and over in our painting classes. We can host parties for ages 4–infinity. Painting can also be fun and therapeutic for disabled people! (Please call to confirm that we can accommodate your specific disabilities.)

Party Whenever You Want

We can usually party whenever you want to, including mornings, afternoons, and evenings on weekdays and weekends. Use our Request Party form to find out if your desired times are available.


If you can invent a reason to party, then we can probably host it! A paint and drink wine party is a fun company team building activity, adult birthday party, kids birthday party, bachelorette party, family reunion activity, church group activity, scout activity, graduation party, Meetup group activity, holiday party, divorce party, going away party, or any other occasion when you want to have a fun time with a big group of people! Your only limitation is that we cannot allow full-scale redecoration of the room, glitter, confetti, or X-rated decorations.

Host Your Holiday pARTy Event at Painting with a Twist - Clermont

Host the holiday paint and sip party everyone will be talking about for weeks before AND after the party— the chance to drink eggnog, eat cookies, and be merry while you paint your own holiday art! No art experience is needed for everyone to have fun. The host gets to pick the painting from our gallery of over 6,000 exclusive artworks, and we'll help everyone paint their own version. We can accommodate groups from 10 - 40 people on a weekday or weekend; morning, afternoon, or evening. Visit our "Party Info" page for details and go to the "Request Party" page to reserve your date before someone else does!

Team Building Activities

Painting naturally boosts creativity, relieves stress, and is a fun activity for many people, but we can develop your team even further with our “Art of Team Building Activities”. We have a long list of fun team building games and exercises that get people to think outside the box, open communication, build collaboration, trust, and support. We can work with you to incorporate games that foster the qualities you need to build. Please call us for details at 352.708.4466

Host your Kids Private Party with us!

Host a unique party for your child's birthday, Scout Troop, sports team, or dance class! Kids love painting here and they also love our dance breaks! Plus, kids leave with their complete masterpieces, so there is no need to come back and pick them up at a later date.

Do you do offsite painting parties?

Absolutely! We can bring the party to you! Prices are the same although a travel and setup fee will be charged. Party destinations require a minimum attendance of 25 guests. Please email or call for complete details and information for Offsite Parties as details are different than listed above. 


1. Check your party size: We can host parties from 10–40 people. We have two party rooms, where the maximum capacity in our main studio is 40 people, our private party room holds 20 people. Most private parties have a 10-person minimum cost, except for parties on Monday through Thursday, which have an 10-person minimum. If the minimum number of people do not pay, then the party host is responsible for paying the difference to meet the minimum party cost.

  • If you aren't sure you can meet the minimum number of people, then we recommend inviting your group to join any public class on our Calendar. The massive benefits of this are described in the next point…
  • Parties of at least 6 painter prepaid minimum can opt to leave their class open to the public, in which case you are not required to pay a deposit. Plus:
    • If the host’s painting choice sells out a public class, then the host will receive a gift certificate for a free class!
    • We can seat your group together if everyone puts the host’s name in their online reservation form.
    • The more, the merrier! Parties are usually more fun when there are more people in the room, even if you don't personally know everyone.

2. Request a date and time: Private parties may be scheduled during mornings, afternoons, or evenings on any day of the week. To see if your date and time is available, please complete our online Request Party form or call 352-404-8786.

3. Pay the deposit: A deposit is required to reserve your party time. The deposit amount is equivalent to the cost of 3 people’s seats (one of these is non-refundable) and is based on the price of the painting you select: 1.5-hour paintings are $34 per person, 2-hour paintings are $39 per person, 3-hour paintings are $49 per person, and a few specialty paintings cost other amounts that will be quoted upon request. Your deposit will be credited towards your party minimum to pay for 3 people’s seats.

4. Pick your painting: After we receive your deposit, we will email you a party management web link to pick your painting from our exclusive library.

5. Invite guests: From your party management page, you can customize invitations for print or email. Please tell guests to arrive 15–30 minutes before your scheduled party time to get set up, purchase drinks, and socialize.

Terms & Conditions

  • All but the one reservation is fully refundable up to 7 days prior to the event.  Parties cancelled less than 7 days in advance, will forfeit the entire deposit.
  • 14 days before your scheduled party time is the cutoff for what happens if you decide to keep your party private or turn it into a public class.
  • If at any time you realize you may not meet your minimum attendance, you may request to turn your private party into a public class. The sooner you go public, the better your chances are of not having to pay a minimum party fee:
    • If you request to go public at least 14 days prior to your scheduled party time, then your minimim party cost will be completely waived.
    • If you request to go public within 13 or less days prior to your scheduled party time, then your minimim is still in effect, but the public's attendance will count towards reducing your minumum party fee.
  • If you cancel within 7 or less days prior to your scheduled party time, then you will forfeit your deposit.

Please see our FAQ page for more information.

We are an independently owned and operated local business, so when you party with us, you help support Clermont!

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