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Painting with a Twist FAQ

What is Painting with a Twist?

Painting with a Twist is a fun art studio for anyone interested in painting! In our classes we use acrylic paints on 16x20, 12X12, and 10X30 canvases, 8X24 in MDF, 17.5X17 Square Wood Plank Board and 10.5x26 Rectangle Wood Plank Board, Various Wood Cutouts, Rebeca Flott Screen Art, Shiplap and a Surface w/6" mini cutout.  We teach the class step by step how to complete the specific painting for that class. Most of our guests have no painting experience and all of them have great success!

How does this work?

We have an Event Calendar that displays the specific paintings we will be teaching and at what date and time and cost. If you see a painting you like and it's scheduled on a day you can attend you can go ahead and make a reservation online or call the studio during office hours to reserve by phone. The artist instructor will guide the whole class on how to complete the specific painting. Bring your drinks and snacks to enjoy during class if you would like.

How much does it cost?

2hr classes range from $39 to $49 per painter. 3hr classes range from $48 - $58 per painter depending on your Product choice. Paint Your Pet classes are $59 per person. and Art for All Ages classes are $29 per painter.

Are we allowed to bring in beverages and food?

our studio is all BYOB - we only servie paint water!  Feel free to bring in your favorite beverages (adult beverages limited to beer and wine or a premix margarita type beverage) and some light snacks to enjoy during class.  Remember you are painting most of th etime so finger foods are best!

Do I need to bring anything with me to paint?

Your reservation fee includes everything you need to create a beautiful and unique painting! When you arrive you are supplied with an apron, canvas, brushes, paints and step by step art instruction throughout the class! When class is done, your artwork is ready to hang! The only thing you may want to bring are some refreshments.

Can I just paint whatever I want?

We will provide step by step instructions for the scheduled painting. If you want to do your own thing, go for it, but there will not be step by step guidance on how to complete it.

When are you open?

We do answer emails and texts around the clock, and actively return voicemails. We are open anytime there is a class scheduled, but it does not guarantee the phone will be answered. For immediate assistance, it is best to email the studio at or text us at 979-485-9838!

Can I stop in anytime and paint?

We hold our newest option called Pop In & Paint on Wednesdays from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm (4:00 is the last call so that you have time to finish by 6:00 pm to accomodate our evening class scheudle).  You do not need a reservation to Pop In & Paint on Wednesdays only but you may reserve a time online without paying so we know you are coming.  To join our Regular Pulic Classes, we have those at specific times and those are the only times guests can come in and paint --so to join a class, please view our calendar, select a painting you like and register online. Pre-registration is required for all classes (outside of the new Pop In & Paint class).

How do I book a private party?

Text us anytime at 979-485-9838 with the word PARTY  or call us during office hours to check availability for the date you want  We will need a credit card number on file to reserve a party date and time for you. Please see Party Info page for further details.

How do I sign up a group to attend an open to the public class?

Option 1: Select the number of seats you want to reserve for the specific class online and pay for each seat upfront.

Option 2: Ask everyone in your group to reserve individually online, and to specify group name or point person in the "Special Requests" box.

Option 3: Call us with a credit card number to hold a group of seats by phone. The card is kept on file to secure your pARTy. Your group will then pay individually upon arrival, however you are responsible for each seat we have reserved for your group. ***Please call us no later than an hour before the class to adjust the number of seats as needed. If your reservation is not adjusted beforehand, you are financially responsible for anyone who did not show in your group. If payment is not made, the card held on file will be charged.

Do I have to make a reservation? Can I just walk in?

If you want to guarantee a seat for yourself, you have to make a reservation. Many classes will sell out. Also, if there are not any reservations for a class, we may cancel the class or switch the painting. We set up a painting station for each person. Please make a reservation so we can set up for you and have you seated appropriately with your group if you are joining one.

When will you be doing --a certain painting you like-- again?

We try to provide a combination of old favorites and new paintings on each calendar. If there is a painting your really want to see on the next calendar, email us at and we might be able to accommodate your request. We have many paintings that we rotate through. We love to hear what your requests are.

Can my child come with me to paint?

We have specific classes on our calendar for young artists! 

  • Art for All Ages classes are intended for any age 5 to 105 and children should always have a guardian except for our Kids Camps as those are drop off classes.
  • Evening classes are for adults 18 and older, but guests 15 and up can attend with a parent for evening classes. If an evening class is noted as All Ages or Family, then our younger artists are welcome to join us for that class!

Can my friends come and watch us without painting?

Everyone needs a paid seat to stay on premises during all classes, except during an Art for All Ages class.

When do you post a new monthly schedule?

The calendar is posted by the 15th of every month and sometimes earlier -- sign up for our newsletter and be the first to see it.

Will my painting be dry at the end of the night?

Yes, if there are a few damp places we have hair dryers which will dry them quickly.

What do I wear?

Wear whatever is comfortable and you don't mind if a little paint gets on it. We do supply aprons, but if you by chance get paint on your clothes and it dries, it will not come out. If you catch it while it's still wet you can usually get it out with some soap and water. 

What if I’m late? Can I still attend?

We begin classes promptly at their starting times. Any customer that arrives more than 15 minutes late will receive a store credit via a gift certificate, and will be invited to attend an event at a later date. Painting With A Twist is more than just painting, it’s a step-by-step experience! Arriving late to your session will not allow you the best possible experience, and will need to reschedule. Anyone who does not show will not be able to reschedule, and will not be given store credit. **All Party bookings are subject to their time slots in which they are booked. Any group who shows up more than 20 minutes late to their booked event will forfeit their time slot, and will be charged a cancellation fee of $150 in addition to losing their deposit.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Our Cancellation Policy is as follows:
Please note our policy to cancel applies to individuals in all public and private events. 

  • REFUND?CANCELLATION POLICY: We do not offer refunds, a store credit will be issued to you if we are notified at least a day in advance.  "NO SHOWS" will not be issued a store credit or refund.  Groups of 3 or more must cancel 3 days before the date of the class to get a store credit.  Please leave a voice message or text us at 979-485-9838 if calling after hours.  We do not issue cash or credit card refunds.
  • Any customer that does not show up to the event they are registered for, and has not notified us beforehand that they cannot attend, will not receive any sort of store credit.
  • Private Event Hosts follow the cancellation policy terms outlined when booking.
  • Bad Weather: Class will cancel if a weather emergency is declared, or we determine the roads to be too unsafe to travel on. Otherwise our cancellation policy is as stated above. In the rare case of a class cancellation due to poor weather conditions, studio credit will be issued to all registered guests. All participants will be notified via the studio if this is the case.  

Are we supposed to tip?

While it is absolutely not necessary for you to tip, gratuities are graciously accepted for exceptional service!

Am I allowed to drop off my child for All Ages Events?

All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they visit the studio. No child should be left unattended unless the event specifically states that it is a Summer Camp, and even then we do have age restrictions for the camp.

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