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Spreading Good

Gratitude In Hardship

It would feel dishonest if we didn’t admit that it is a challenge to write an update for our studio right now. Our business, in fact our industry, is centered entirely on celebration and togetherness. We’ve always said we’re “fun art not fine art”, but the “fun” has always been found in our customers. When you come into our studio the entire goal is to make you feel like you’re not just in an art class, but in a community; surrounded by people who are ready to shake off the worries of the world and dive into their creative side, even if it’s just for a few hours. 


Unfortunately, for the safety and protection of our customers and staff, togetherness is on hold. The thing that makes us, us, is also the thing that, for a time, must be stalled for the sake of a much greater cause; sheltering our loved ones and our community.


As we close our doors during this time of protection, we are still filled with much hope and gratitude. We’re thankful for every nurse, doctor, and first responder; having a renewed and sobered appreciation for those who are seeing the darkest parts of this time in our history. We’re thinking of every grocery store, gas station, delivery, transportation, sanitation, and food worker who are now considered essential so we can still have meals on our table and get what we need in our homes. We’re thinking of our emergency personnel- the policemen and firefighters, who don’t get a break no matter how rough it gets out there. We’re thinking of every essential person who is still going to work so the cogs of our community still turn, and we are filled to the brim with gratitude. We cannot say thank you enough.


As we look toward the weeks ahead, even though they are filled with much uncertainty, we are hopeful. We know that creativity flourishes in times of hardship, so whether it’s just a pencil and a piece of paper, chalk on the sidewalk, or paint and canvas- we hope that you’re taking time out of your day to explore your inner artist. 


We’re looking forward to laughing, painting, and gathering together again soon.


Until then,


Painting with a Twist, Dallas


“The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude.” - Nietzsche

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