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Garland, TX Painting with a Twist Blog

Hello Garland Friends!  Have you been in to the Garland studio in a while?  We have had so many changes!  The studio has been updated with all new equipment and technology: better furniture, better sound system, and more organization. With COVID in mind, classes are limited to 50% capaciy to allow for plenty of space between unrelated groups.  Masks are encouraged when you're moving around the studio, but may be taken off while you are seated.  Above all else, we have a ... Read More

I got calls from a couple of customers this week saying "Wait! Where did my painting go!?" They saw a painting they wanted to paint, but hadn't signed up yet... the next thing they knew it was gone. We post paintings a month out usually, and we sit and wait to see which ones will be a hit and which ones are a miss... if no one has signed up for a class a week before hand, usually, we'll change the painting. Also, if a customer calls wanting a different painting when a class is empty, we'll le ... Read More



We are so excited to announce that the Garland Painting with a Twist studio is now under new ownership! The owner & team of the Rockwall & Wylie studios are now overseeing the operations of the Garland location. If you've never been to the newly relocated Garland studio, you really must come see us! If it's been a while since you've been in, please come visit again and meet the new team. We're looking forward to seeing you in the studio!

Want to get paid to have fun painting? Ask your boss if your team can book a team building event (during your normal business hours) at our studio! Painting builds self-confidence, boosts creativity, and bonds co-workers together. Plus, you'll each leave with art you could use to decorate the office. To see why Painting with a Twist is the perfect company team building idea, watch the team building video on our 'Studio Home' page and share it with your co-workers, then find the 'Request Party' p ... Read More


Unique Gift Ideas

You don't have to be "good at art" to paint a meaningful gift for someone. We'll help you surprise them (and possibly even yourself!) with your hidden creative talents, but of course it is always the thought that really counts in a personalized gift. For example, if you know someone who got married, engaged, or had a baby this year; we can help you incorporate their special date and/or monogram into your painting. If their favorite color is blue, we can help you incorporate that color in place o ... Read More

If you need a holiday party activity that will entertain both the adults and kids in your family, then you need to book a painting party with us! We've had the privilege of hosting many multi-generational family gatherings over the years, and we'd be honored to bring your family together this holiday season. You can bring whatever you want to eat and drink— make it a potluck, a cookie exchange, or BYOB eggnog and hot chocolate! Visit our "Party Info" page for details or register multiple seats i ... Read More

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